Board of Commissioners

Board of Commissioners Robert Woodard, Chairman
Wally Overman, Vice Chairman
Warren Judge, Commissioner
Jack Shea, Commissioner
Allen Burrus, Commissioner
Beverly Boswell, Commissioner
Margarette Umphlett, Commissioner

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Gary Gross - Clerk to the Board

Rhonda Creef - Deputy Clerk

954 Marshall C Collins Dr
PO Box 1000
Manteo NC 27954

Dare County is governed by a seven-member Board of Commissioners who conduct public meetings on a regularly scheduled basis. Citizen participation at Board of Commissioner meetings is encouraged.

Each session begins with an opportunity for public comments. During this time, you can let your voice be heard by speaking directly to the entire Board of Commissioners for up to five minutes on any topic or item of concern. Although Commissioners do not have the option of responding or interacting with items raised during the public comment period, it is an effective way for anyone to bring issues to their attention.

The Dare County Board of Commissioners conducts regularly scheduled meetings throughout the year. Meetings are generally held on the first Monday of the month at 9:00 AM and the third Monday of each month at 5:00 PM. Occasionally this schedule is adjusted to accommodate holidays and there are a few months each year when only one meeting is held. View the scheduled meetings meetings for the year.

Meetings are held in the Board of Commissioners meeting room in the Dare County Administrative Building, 954 Marshall C. Collins Drive in Manteo. Ample free parking is available between the Administration Building and the Dare County Justice Center. Agendas and minutes are available on the website at “Meeting Agenda, Minutes & Videos.”

There are several ways to stay informed of discussion that occurs during Board of Commissioner Meetings:

  • Listen Live on the internet. A live audio stream is available while Board of Commissioner meetings are in session.
  • See Videos of previous meetings. Videos are usually available on the website the next day following a meeting. The agenda appears with the video player so you can easily select the portion of the meeting you wish to view.
  • Watch Gov-Ed Television Channel 191 (channel 20 on Hatteras Island). Meetings are televised the Wednesday and Monday following a session at 1:00 PM and 7:00 PM. Updated Government Channel schedule.
  • Borrow a DVD from the Dare County Libraries. DVD copies are distributed to all Library branches and are generally available for borrowing approximately one week after the meeting date.

The Board of Commissioners serves the people of Dare County by carrying out the responsibilities set forth by the North Carolina General Statutes, including:

  • Adopting an annual budget
  • Establishing the property tax rate
  • Conducting public hearings and meetings
  • Establishing fees and comprehensive use plans
  • Setting policies, goals and objectives to direct County growth
  • Entering into written contractual or legal obligations on behalf of the County
  • Adopting ordinances, rules and regulations necessary for the general welfare

Additionally, the Board of Commissioners appoints the County Manager who is the administrative head responsible for executing policy implementation and direction. The Board also appoints the Clerk to the Board.

Commissioners are elected to four year staggered terms. Elections are held in November of even-numbered years, and new board members take office on the first Monday in December following the November election. At this meeting, the board also elects a Chairman and Vice Chairman.

While the entire County votes for each of the Commissioners who fill the seven seats, six of those seven Commissioners must represent one of the specific legislative districts within Dare County. The seventh Commissioner is elected at large and can reside in any of the districts.

  • District 1
  • District 2
  • District 3
  • District 4
  • District 5
  • Roanoke Island, Dare County Mainland
  • Nags Head, Colington, Kill Devil Hills
  • Kitty Hawk, Southern Shores, Duck
  • Chicamacomico, Avon, Buxton, Frisco, Hatteras
  • At Large
  • 2 Commissioners
  • 2 Commissioners
  • 1 Commissioner
  • 1 Commissioner
  • 1 Commissioner

The Board of Commissioners welcomes citizen participation on Advisory Boards and Committees. This type of grassroots public involvement is the foundation of democracy and a vital part of maintaining Dare County as a quality place to live. For more information, visit “Advisory Boards & Committees.”

Members of the Board of Commissioners strive to faithfully perform their required duties and serve the people of Dare County. At each meeting they remind themselves of the purpose and importance of their public service mission with a question printed at the top of their agenda —