Emergency Management


  1. The occurrence of any one or more of the emergency/disaster events previously listed could impact Dare County severely, and include several of the following consequences:
  • Loss of electric power
  • Failure of the water distribution system
  • Severance of road/highway network
  • Creation of a new inlet
  • Necessity for mass care and feeding operations
  • Evacuation of people from the county
  • Need for debris clearance
  • Multiple injuries and fatalities
  • Drastic increase in media attention
  • Damage to the communications network
  • Damage to the telephone network
  • Economic impact
  • Increased number of vectors
  • Need for official public information and rumor control
  • Need for State or Federal assistance
  • Need to evacuate county resources
  • Re-entry of essential personnel and equipment
  • Re-entry of the public
  • Damage to vital records
  • Need for damage assessment
  • Need for auxiliary power
  • Donated goods
  • Contamination of private wells
  • Over taxing local resources
  • Depth of staffing
  • Loss of facilities vital to maintaining essential services
  • Environmental impact/wildlife, natural resources
  • Management of reconstruction
  • Coordination of staged resources
  • Damage to historical sites
  • Isolation of populations
  • Presidential Disaster Declaration

  1. The occurrence of one or more than one of the previously listed hazards could result in a true catastrophic disaster situation which would grossly overwhelm local and state resources.
  2. It is necessary for the County to plan for and to carry out disaster response and short-term recovery operations utilizing local resources; however, it is likely that outside assistance would be necessary in most major disaster situations affecting the County.
  3. Officials of the County are aware of the possible occurrence of an emergency or disaster and they have acknowledged their responsibilities in the execution of this plan and will fulfill these responsibilities as needed.