Clerk of Court

Dean Tolson, Clerk
Dare County Justice Center
962 Marshall C Collins Dr
Room 223
PO Box 1849
Manteo NC 27954

Phone: 252.475.5200
Fax: 252.475.5201

The office of the
Clerk of Court
  is responsible for safeguarding court documents, estates, and child support records. The Clerk of Court also performs the clerical and record-keeping functions of Superior and District Courts. Court forms can be found at The main number for the Clerk of Court office is 252.475.5200.

The North Carolina court system consists of an Appellate Division, a Superior Court Division and District Court Division. A Chief Justice and 6 Associate Judges, elected for 8 year terms, serve on the Supreme Court. The Court of Appeals is served by a Chief Judge and 11 Associate Judges elected for 8-year terms.

Dare County is served by 2 Superior Court Judges elected for 8-year terms and 5 District Court Judges who are elected for 4-year terms. Superior Court Judges rotate throughout the State and District Court Judges rotate throughout their division and district.

Dare County in in the 1st judicial district of the 1st division, which has 7 counties. Only persons qualified to practice law in North Carolina are eligible for election or appointment to any of these courts.

The Clerk of Court office is under the direction of Dean Tolson.