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Main Switchboard: 252.475.5000

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Aaron Felton Sheriff
Abigail Danaher EMS
Al Hardy Public Works
Alex Barker Dare County Center
Alexandra Gardner Health
Alexandria Askew EMS
Alexis Stone Tax Appraisal
Alfreda Shelton Health
Alfreda Shelton Health
Alice Creef Tax Collections
Allen Burrus Commissioners
Allen Moran Sheriff
Allison Rucker Information Technology
Allison Woodard Social Services
Amanda Beale Social Services
Amanda Lewis Social Services
Amanda Montabon Health
Amanda White EMS
Amy Elkins Communications
Amy Etheridge Dare County Center
Amy Hill Detention Center
Andrew Reed EMS
Andrian Tillett Planning
Andy Dunton Water
Andy Moynahan EMS
Angela Grant Health
Angela Grant Health
Angela Long Social Services
Angie Hooper Public Works
Anicia Fontalvo Finance
Anna Gallop Social Services
Anne Greene EMS
Anne Gwin Parks and Recreation
Anthony Hoggard EMS
April Bodiford Social Services
April Farence Tax Appraisal
Aria Beard EMS
Ashia Norman Social Services
Ashlee Walker Tax Appraisal
Ashley Bahen Detention Center
Ashley Cornell EMS
Ashley Heppert EMS
Ashley Johnson Sheriff
Ashley Marshall Health
Ashley Schrader Social Services
Aubrey Remige Adult and Senior Services
Barbara Mulford Health
Barbara O'Dea Health
Barbara Shea Health
Basil Hooper EMS
Becky Huff Tax Collections
Bernice Jardel Health
Beth Bradley Social Services
Beth Edens Communications
Beth Walker EMS
Betse Kelly Social Services
Betsy Robinson Health
Bettie Scarborough Tax Mapping
Beulah Ashby Water
Beverly Boswell Commissioners
Bill Stewart Water
Bob Woodard Commissioners
Bobby Dobbs Public Relations
Bobby Swain EMS
Bonnie Bennett Friends of Youth
Bonnie Cooper Social Services
Bonnie Drewry Social Services
Brandi Combs Finance
Brandi Rheubottom Adult and Senior Services
Branscon Lucas EMS
Brenda Shiflet Health
Brent Doughtie Sheriff
Brett Barnett EMS
Brian Mitchell Airport
Brianna Moore EMS
Brianne Anderson EMS
Brittany Canter Social Services
Brooke Atwell-Rusk EMS
Brooke Knight Social Services
Bruce Swain Detention Center
Bryan Weisenberger Detention Center
Buddy Shelton Planning
Butch Luke Water
Candice Vanbrunt Animal Shelter
Captain Charlie Nieman Sheriff
Captain Jeff Deringer Sheriff
Captain Trey Piland Sheriff
Cara Basnight Social Services
Carl Berg Water
Carl Walker Public Works
Carol Copeland Social Services
Carol Saunders Finance
Carolyn Norman Parks and Recreation
Carthy Patrick Social Services
Cathie Porter Health
Cathy Doyle Health
Cathy Valencia Register of Deeds
Catisha Bryant Health
Chad Allen Water
Chad Jones EMS
Chad Parks Sheriff
Charlene Garrish EMS
Charlene Seto Sheriff
Charles Chace Detention Center
Charles Earley EMS
Charles Henderson Detention Center
Charlotte Midgett Parks and Recreation
Chief Deputy Steve Hoggard Sheriff
Chris Hickman Sheriff
Chrissea Rothrock Animal Shelter
Christian Aguirre Sheriff
Christiana Bryant Social Services
Christiana Bryant Social Services EmailChristiana
Christina Pena Jones Health
Christine Heard Health
Christopher Cain EMS
Christopher Cooper Detention Center
Christopher Devaughn EMS
Chuck Lycett Social Services
Cidnea Causey Health
Cindy Copeland Health
Cindy Parker Human Resources
Cindy Stone Health
Clare Dozier Health
Claudia Harrington Register of Deeds
Claudia Neal Social Services
Clayton Grant GIS
Clei Hill Health
Clyde Gard Public Works
Cody McKinney EMS
Colin Morris Parks and Recreation
Corah Queen Animal Shelter
Corinne Etheridge Tax Collections
Corky Whitehead Planning
Corporal Becky Terry Sheriff
Corporal Billy Essick Sheriff
Corporal Jeff Ambrose Sheriff
Corporal Jody Lewis Sheriff
Corporal Mark McKay Sheriff
Corporal Mary Lynn Cahoon Sheriff
Corporal Mike Sellers Sheriff
Craig Fearing Water
Crystal Ambrose Social Services
Crystal Melton Detention Center
Crystal Sidwell Airport
Crystal Stilson Health
Crystal Stilson Health
Cynthia Crabtree Social Services
Cynthia Gregory Social Services
Dale Casterline EMS
Dan Hughes Detention Center
Dana Carlton EMS
Dana Long EMS
Daniel Harris Sheriff
Daniel McCallum EMS
Danielle Stine Health
Dare County Center Dare County Center
Darrell Gray Sheriff
David Bailey EMS
David Bryan Sheriff
David Cameron EMS
David Clawson Health
David Daniels Airport
David Daye EMS
David Evans EMS
David Mason Sheriff
David Saffell Sheriff
David White Tax Appraisal
DCDC Nurse Detention Center
dcvac Veterans
Dean Morris EMS
Debbie Bratton Social Services
Debbie Dutton Health
Debbie Monday Health
Debbie Perrot Social Services
Deborah Francisco EMS
Deborah Fugere Health
Deborah Parker Social Services
Delrene Seegott Health
Denise Geer Tax Collections
Denise Norville Parks and Recreation
Denise Pearce EMS
Dennis Mueller Detention Center
Derek Mantz Detention Center
Deshawn Banks Parks and Recreation
Diane Muir Health
Don Cabana Transportation
Donna Creef Planning
Donna Lowcher Health
Donna Lowcher Health
Donna Newton Health
Donna Roark Parks and Recreation
Donna Spencer Social Services
Donnie Murray Airport
Donovan Ruth Sheriff
Dora Johnson Health
Dorothy Hester Public Relations
Douglas Johnson EMS
Drew Pearson Emergency Management
DSS Aides Social Services
Dustin Peele Finance
Dustin VanHorne EMS
Dustin Walston Sheriff
Earl Shearin Sheriff
Ed Cottrell Sheriff
Edward Lee Mann Public Works
Edward Mann Jr Sheriff
Eileen Mckenna Communications
Eileen Selby Communications
Elaine Jordan Health
Eleen Bryant Finance
Elizabeth Jewell EMS
Elizabeth Reilly Human Resources
Ellen Gibbs Health
Ellie Ward Health
Emilene Whidbee Health
Emily Cunningham Health
Emily Karr Adult and Senior Services
Eric Cleaver Parks and Recreation
Eric Pfeifer EMS
Erick Portilla Dare County Center
Erika Griffin EMS
Erin Putnam Communications
Eugene Grissom Detention Center
Evan Stowe Sheriff
Evelyn Berry Social Services
Felicia Majewski Social Services
Felisha Norman Social Services
Frances Smyth Health
Fred Featherstone Planning
Fred Parker Health
Gage Fichter EMS
Gail Hutchison Sheriff
Gary Gross Commissioners
Gary Kierney Sheriff
Gary Meeks Detention Center
George Bowman Sheriff
George Farah EMS
George Fockler Sheriff
George King Public Works
Georgia Ellis Fire Marshal
Gina Dixon EMS
Ginny Zdanski Health
Glenn Gray Sheriff
Gloria Jay Health
Greg Ball GIS
Greg Creef Detention Center
Gregory Bennett Sheriff
Greta Skeen Tax Appraisal
Harold Kelley EMS
Hatteras WTP Operators Water
Health Human Services Info Health
Heath Fountain Parks and Recreation
Heather Gardiner Health
Heather Woods Health
Heidi Russell EMS
Heidi Wescott Sheriff
Helen Hudson LIBRARY
Helene Taylor Transportation
Holly Meekins Health
Hosea Wilson Tax Appraisal
Howard Wilson EMS
IG Scarborough Planning
Investigator James Harper Sheriff
Investigator Kelly Hemrick Sheriff
Investigator Mike Davieds Sheriff
Investigator Phil Tokazowski Sheriff
Investigator Scott Powers Sheriff
Investigator Scott Rodriguez Sheriff
Investigator Thomas Mears Sheriff
Jack Flythe Health
Jack Shea Commissioners
Jackie Tillett Board of Elections
Jaime Deringer Tax Mapping
James Gradeless EMS
James Lisenby EMS
James Miller EMS
James Ray Sheriff
James Wheeler EMS
James Wooten Health
Jami Brown Health
Jamie Mauffray Communications
Jamie Mauffray Communications
Janet Midgette Finance
Janice Williams County Manager
Jason Kelly Detention Center
Jason McPherson Parks and Recreation
Jay Burrus - DSS Social Services
Jay Burrus - Health Health
Jay Hardin Parks and Recreation
Jay Williams Detention Center
Jayme Price Sheriff
Jeanette Swain Social Services
Jeannette Harrison Animal Shelter
Jeannie Midgett Human Resources
Jeffrey Gearhart EMS
Jeffrey Mitchell EMS
Jenna Salter EMS
Jennie Collins EMS
Jennifer Barnes Animal Shelter
Jennifer Branch Tax Mapping
Jennifer Davenport Tax Collections
Jennifer Peele Health
Jennifer Ruth Sheriff
Jennifer Scott Health
Jennifer Wooten Friends of Youth
Jenny Gray Jones Grants and Waterways
Jeremy Hicks EMS
Jerry Lofland Water
Jessica Berrane EMS
Jessica Davenport Social Services
Jessica Phillips EMS
Jill Liverman Health
Joan Hunter Parks and Recreation
Joann Selby Social Services
Jodi Francis Health
Joel Ballance Communications
John Boyce EMS
John Contestable Planning
John Cunningham Parks and Recreation
John Graves Animal Shelter
John Morris Parks and Recreation
John OHara EMS
John Sheetz Detention Center
Jonathan Cahoon Buildings and Grounds
Jonathan Rhodes Water
Jonathan Wark LIBRARY
Jonna Midgette Social Services
Jordan Cotton Animal Shelter
Josef Vesely Information Technology
Joseph Shull Detention Center
Josh Coltrain Health
Josh Duggins EMS
Joshua Meekins Detention Center
Judith Curry EMS
Julie Anderson EMS
June Knotts EMS
Justin Reed EMS
Karen Larson Health
Karen Lynch EMS
Karen Norton Social Services
Karen Patton Social Services
Karen Stanberry Social Services
Katherine McCarron Social Services
Kathi Holl Health
Kathryn Landazuri Social Services
Kathy Bracey Water
Kathy Lassiter LIBRARY
Kathy Pugh EMS
Kayla McCargo Social Services
Keith Sawyer Buildings and Grounds
Kelli Miller Parks and Recreation
Kelly Bray Health
Kelly Davis Human Resources
Kelly Nettnin Health
Ken Flatt Water
Kenneth Brite EMS
Kenneth Melton Detention Center
Kenneth Randall EMS
Kevin Duprey Sheriff
Kevin Wescott Sheriff
Kiara Harris Detention Center
Kiara Harris Dentention Center
Kimberly Houck Social Services
Kimberly Twiddy Communications
Kimberly Walston EMS
Kimberly Whitehurst EMS
Kristen Weaver EMS
Kristin Nienkirchen Social Services
Kristy Wright Human Resources
Lacy Chronister Sheriff
Lakayla Hill-Melton Detention Center
Lana Vestal Register of Deeds
Larry Craighead Water
Larry Grubbs EMS
Latrisha Ayers EMS
Laura Duman Health
Laura Geyer Health
Laura Willingham Health
Laura Youmans Health
Laurie Kellogg Water
Laurie Seal Health
Laverna Brooks Water
Leah Todd Health
Lee Wise Information Technology
Leigh Ann George Detention Center
Leigh Bracy Social Services
Leslie Ferguson Planning
Levi Curles Parks and Recreation
Lieutenant Greg Wilson Sheriff
Lieutenant J D Etheridge Sheriff
Lieutenant Tony Duvall Sheriff
Liliana Noble Airport
Linda Midgett Water
Linda Webb Detention Center
Lisa Cudworth Parks and Recreation
Liz Beckner Rhodes Social Services
Liza White Health
Lora Nock Communications
Lorie Fitzgerald Sheriff
Lorna Quidley Health
Lorna Quidley Health
Lucy Berry Tax Appraisal
Mac Gray Public Works
Maggie Dennis Tax Appraisal
Marcia Duenas Social Services
Margaret Lee Human Resources
Margarette Umphlett Commissioners
Marisel Cicinato Health
Marjorie Whitley Health
Mark Fowler Buildings and Grounds
Mark Gill Communications
Martin Peele Parks and Recreation
Mary Jernigan Adult and Senior Services
Mary Judy Health
Mary Judy Health
Mary Lee Human Resources
Matthew Cartwright EMS
Matthew Hester Information Technology
Matthew Stankavich EMS
Matthew Stowe Sheriff
Mayte Hernandez-Beacham Health
Melanie Corprew Social Services
Melinda Forbes Sheriff
Melissa Condore Health-Exceptions
Melissa McCarter Social Services
Melissa Turnage Social Services
Melva Garrison Game and Wildlife
Melvin Walston Sheriff
Meredith Jordan Social Services
Merry Kocian Communications
Michael Harris Sheriff
Michael Harris Sheriff
Michael Hill EMS
Michael Hodgson Detention Center
Michael Morrison EMS
Michael Smith Detention Center
Michele Barnes Board of Elections
Mike Folds EMS
Mike Hollowell Human Resources
Misty Parnell Health
Mona Griffin Social Services
Mona Walters Water
Monica Beavers Social Services
Morgan Hanusik Parks and Recreation
mosquito Public Works
Myra Midgett Social Services
Nancy Huff Social Services
Nancy Nedley Health
Nancy Stieh Communications
Nancy Wilkinson Social Services
Nat Burton Public Works
Natalie Ketterman Health
Nathan Cartwright Water
Neal Dennis Human Resources
Nely Mendoza Health
Neries Sullivan Communications
Nettie Midgett Land Transfer Tax
Noren Leigh Detention Center
NRO WTP Operators Water
Orman Mann Detention Center
Pam Hay Health
Pam Midgett Information Technology
Pamela Tate EMS
Patricia Ojala EMS
Patty Rhodes Detention Center
Paul Cagiano EMS
Paul Selby Water
Paula Bailey Detention Center
Paula Farah EMS
Paula Rodriguez Social Services
Peter Wright EMS
Phillip B. Merrill EMS
Phillip Ferguson Sheriff
Phillip Lloyd EMS
Priscilla Delano Social Services
Radcliff Hester Parks and Recreation
Ralph Owens Detention Center
Randy Conn EMS
Raven Moran EMS
Ray Owens Detention Center
Rebecca Mann Sheriff
Regina Etheridge Communications
Renee Austin Public Works
Rhonda Creef Veterans
Richard Martin Friends of Youth
Richard Paul Airport
Rick Bascue Detention Center
Ricki Burrus Communications
Ricki Tillett COURTS
Rita Shearin Sheriff
Rob Crawford Health
Rob Mitchell EMS
Robert Anders Sheriff
Robert Henderson EMS
Robert L. Outten County Manager
Robin Cudworth Health
Robin Etheridge Tax Mapping
Robin Winnett Health
Rodney Rawls EMS
Roland Bowser Public Works
Ron Mills Buildings and Grounds
Rosa Zafra Detention Center
Rose Sanderlin Health
Routh Cooper Health
Roxana Ballinger Health
Roy Ambrose Detention Center
Ryan Bower Water
Ryan Meads Sheriff
Ryan Taylor GIS
Sally Carswell Water
Sally Defosse Finance
Sally Helms Social Services
Samantha Miller Social Services
Sammy Midgett Water
Sandra McPherson Health
Sandra O'neal Water
Sandra Shull Public Works
Sandy Scarborough Dare County Center
Sandy West Human Resources
Sara Finch Communications
Sara Small Public Relations
Sarah Ballance EMS
Sarah Bradshaw Social Services
Sarah Gist Health
Schuylar Martin Detention Center
Sergeant Andy Creech Sheriff
Sergeant Doug Oberbeck Sheriff
Sergeant Greg Padilla Sheriff
Sergeant Jack Scarborough Sheriff
Sergeant Shaun Berrera Sheriff
Shanna Fullmer Public Works
Shannon Allen Parks and Recreation
Shannon Foltz Social Services
Sharee Wilder Register of Deeds
Sharon Flatt Planning
Sharon Tinnell Finance
Shawn Hughes Public Works
Sheila Davies Health
Shelley Mills Sheriff
Shelli Byrd Adult and Senior Services
Shep Drewry Buildings and Grounds
Sheriff Doug Doughtie Sheriff
Sherriann Sarsfield Water
Sherricker Rodgers Detention Center
Sherry Hunter Information Technology
Sissy Campbell Parks and Recreation
Skyco WTP Operators Water
Spencer Gregory Parks and Recreation
Stacey Davis Communications
Stacey Davis Sheriff
Stacy Ambrose Airport
Stanley Ballance Health
Stanley Ryan Farrow EMS
Stephanie Bowers Social Services
Stephanie Morell Health
Stephanie Shepley Health
Stephen Allen EMS
Stephen Burritt EMS
Stephen Hickman Sheriff
Stephen Shores Sheriff
Stephen Smith Sheriff
Steve Cicinato Health
Steve Harris Water
Steve Kovacs Fire Marshal
Steve Taylor EMS
Steven Avent Tax
Steven Jones Detention Center
Sue Hewitt Social Services
Sue Wallace Tax Appraisal
Susan Gray Parks and Recreation
Susan Picataggi Social Services
Suzanne Allison Social Services
Takeyia Berry Tax Collections
Talmadge Willis Sheriff
Tami Willis Sheriff
Tammy Gibbs EMS
Tammy Reber Social Services
Tammy Russell Social Services
TaWanda Holley Detention Center
Taylor Carawan Register of Deeds
Ted Shanks EMS
Terence Sheehy EMS
Teri Carmichael Tax Business Personal
Terry Goldman Water
Terry Rogers Health
Thanisha Spruill-Chandler Detention Center
Thomas Francisco EMS
Thomas Nieman Sheriff
Tiffany Riggs EMS
Tim Langanke EMS
Tim White Parks and Recreation
Timothy Aycock EMS
Todd Daniels Buildings and Grounds
Tommy Ambrose Detention Center
Tonda Flynn EMS
Toni Midgett Register of Deeds
Travis Rodeheaver Parks and Recreation
Troy Coltrain Sheriff
Tyler Doughtie Sheriff
Valerie Denigris EMS
Vanzolla McMurran Register of Deeds
Veronica Brickhouse LIBRARY
Vickie White Social Services
Victor Davis EMS
Victoria Buczkowski Detention Center
Victoria Wright Communications
Victoria Wright Communications
Vince Mercer Water
Vincent Dunn Sheriff
Vincent Dunn Sheriff
Vital Records Register of Deeds
Wally Overman Commissioners
Warren Judge Commissioners
Water Department Water
Wellness Committee Finance
Wendell Overton Detention Center
Wendy Adams Social Services
Wendy Hall Health
Wendy Parks Sheriff
Whitney Tyler Social Services
Willer Spencer Social Services
William Laricos EMS
Wilma Parks Social Services