Public Information Files
Register of Deeds Documents/Inquiry View Deed Recording information, Unit Ownership, UCC's, Maps, and Marriage Licenses. Use Grantee or Grantor, Book\Page number, Recording Date or Document number to retrieve the Register of Deeds recording information.
Deed History View the deed history on a parcel. A 9-digit parcel number is necessary to retrieve deed history.
GIS On-Line Property Inquiry

This is a graphical interface program where you can search a selected district by parcel number, PIN number, street address, subdivision or owner name. Maps, aerials, house photos, and summarized tax information are included.
*Inactive parcels are NOT included.
Land Transfers This program allows you to search land transfers by seller or buyer last name. *Information is updated daily at 5:00 PM. A downloadable file is also available and is updated weekly.
Dare County Streets Enter the first few letters of a street name to find the recorded street name and the District and Town name.
Tax Inquiries View tax information on properties in Dare County. The files contain parcel and taxpayer information; Ownership is the most current owner recorded and Values are from the current Tax Bill posted on the web site. You may search by Owner's Last Name, Street Address, 9-digit parcel number, or 12-14-digit PIN. *Inactive parcels are NOT included.
Certification which shows outstanding tax balances due, and the 10 year tax collection history on a parcel. A 9-digit parcel number is necessary to retrieve tax collection history. *Balances shown are updated daily (always check the file date listed), and do not reflect amounts paid between update periods.
Tax Files for Download
*requires a database or spreadsheet application to import or open downloaded file(s)
These files are downloadable, self-extracting files in dbf format, which can be imported into most database applications or opened in most spreadsheet applications. The files contain parcel and taxpayer information; Use and building feature information and; current tax listing/billing values and work in progress (WIP) values for upcoming tax year listing/billing. *Inactive parcels are NOT included.
Dare County Tax Rate View current tax rates.
Taxing Services – Tax Bill File This downloadable, self-extracting file is used by Mortgage Companies for tax bill payments.
Subdivisions List of Subdivision Codes and Names for viewing or for download.
Use Codes Description of Use Codes for PUSE, BUSE, LUSE, MUSE, and various Building Features. Available to view or download.

Disclaimer: Value information shown may not reflect changes in value that have occurred during the calendar year due to new construction, subdivision of property, additions or deletions to property, or revisions to existing data.