Advisory Boards and Committees List
ABC Board
  - This Board consists of a Chairman and two board members appointed by county governing authority. They retain authority to set policy and adopt rules in conformity with ABC laws and Commission rules and they can hire and fire local board personnel.

Aging Advisory council for the Albemarle Commission
  - To assist the Division of Aging in planning and implementation of the Area Aging Plan. Assists with funding distribution of Home community Care Block Grant funding and federal funding

  - is responsible for maintaining and operating airports owned by the Authority or Dare County. They provide Air Transportation services to the aviation traveling public and other aviation related services.

Albemarle Commission
  - This Board provides planning and economic development assistance to the region. It is also made up of 6 different programs: Aging, Nutrition, EDA Revolving Loan, Community Development, Juvenile Justice, Rural Planning Organization, and Workforce Development.

Albemarle Development
  - create more and better jobs and to diversify the tax base of the region.

Albemarle Hospital Board of Trustees
  - Manages the business and affairs of the Authority which operates Albemarle Hospital and related facilities and programs that serve the citizens of the region including Dare County.

Albemarle Mental Health Center Board
  - Design, develop, implement, and continuously improve the quality systems and services necessary to respond to the mental health, developmental disabilities and substance abuse healthcare needs of its consumers

Albemarle Region Resource Conservation
  - initiative promotes and coordinates the long-term conservation of North Carolina's threatened land and water resources. NC DENR's Office of Conservation & Community Affairs manages the program by leading the development and implementation of a comprehensive statewide conservation plan involving government agencies, private organizations, landowners and the public.

Albemarle Regional Solid Waste Authority
  - is a county-level organization of seven counties that has a long term contract with Republic Services to accept the region's municipal solid waste at the East Carolina Environmental (ECE) Landfill in Bertie County. In addition to providing technical assistance on a number of issues, the Authority tracks waste data and bills municipalities, counties, individuals, and companies for the waste that is disposed.

Audit Committee
- addresses audit contract, audit contract, audit and audit results

  - ensures that elections are free, fair, accurate, convenient and accessible to all voters in Dare County

  - hears appeals of any taxpayer concerning the listing or appraisal of his property or the property of others. Board meets when needed.

Citizens Action Committee to Replace the Bonner Bridge
  - works on issues related to bridge replacement and serves as an advocate for proactive solutions to ensure that the NC Highway 12 Corridor is secure for safety and commerce Department.

College of the Albemarle Board of Trustees
  - The Board of Trustees shall constitute the local administrative board of the college, with such authority and responsibility as granted by the General Statutes of NC and as delegated to it by the State Board of Community Colleges. Board meets monthly.

  - addresses and advises the Board of Commissioners on issues involving Dare County's commercial and recreational fishing industries.

  - is responsible for the policy making, rule making and adjudicatory body for the County Health Department. Board meets every other month.

  - helps advise and promote goals and policies to enhance Dare County Center operations and community outreach. Board meets the second Tuesday of each month (except June, July, & August) at 9:00 AM in the conference room at the Dare County Center. Meetings are open to the public.

  - provides citizen overview of the Department of Older Adult Services. Appointed by the Dare County Board of Commissioners, the Advisory Council meets periodically to advise the Department and assess program effectiveness.

  - The Dare County Youth Council is a community-based youth volunteer organization comprised of middle and high school aged youth whose mission is to provide wholesome activities, civic projects, and special events for their peers and to serve as the "voice" of youth to local governments on issues of interest to Dare County youth. The Council is a part of Dare County Parks and Recreation and the 4-H program of the Dare County Center of the North Carolina Cooperative Extension.

  - promotes and produces the festival.

  - establishes the county social services policy, selects director and advises the department. Board also helps along with the director on the planning of budget. Board members are appointed for three-year terms and meets monthly.

East Lake Community Center Board
  - Management of community building. It is a historical building in East Lake because most of the people who live in the area went to school there. The board has fundraisers to maintain the building and reunions, parties, etc. are held there.

Economic Improvement Council
  - Programs for low income families

Extra Territorial Jurisdiction (ETJ) District
  - Dare County appointee serves as a member of the Nags Head Planning board as well as a member of the Nags Head Board of Adjustment and represents Dare County in the ETJ District.

  - helps in establishing goals and policies to enhance Fessenden Center operation and community outreach consistent with goals, objectives, and policies of Dare County. Board meets when needed.

  - provides leadership and direction for the Friends of Youth program

  - issues and renews blind licenses in all Dare County waters. Renewals and new licenses are received on a yearly basis from August through December of each year.

  operates the Gov-Ed Television channels. The committee is composed of a representative from each participating entity. The main operations of the channels are set out in the most recently approved Interlocal Agreement.

Hatteras Community Center Board
  - Management and responsibility of upgrading the community building. The community has the opportunity to have reunions, parties, etc. at the community center.

Hatteras Island Local Emergency Planning Committee
  - has advisory responsibility for Hatteras Island disaster planning coordination.

Industrial Bonding Authority
  - issue and service revenue bond debt of private businesses for economic development purposes. It is governed by a seven member board, all appointed by the Dare County Board of Commissioners. Authority meets when needed.

Joint Committee on Access at Cape Hatteras National Seashore Recreational Area
  - addresses and advises the Board of Commissioners on issues involving access to Cape Hatteras National Seashore Recreation Area. View Minutes

Jury Commission
  - consists of three members which is appointed by the senior regular resident superior court judge, a member by the clerk of superior court, and a member by the Board of County Commissioners to certify jurors. Commission meets when needed.

  - is an advisory board to the Dare County Board of County Commissioners. JCPC meetings are open to the public, and all business is considered public information.

Land Transfer Tax Appeals Board
  - meets when a person disputes the amount of tax due stated by the tax collector, and a hearing is held by filing a written notice of appeal with the tax collector within 30 days after paying the tax. Board meets when needed.

  - establishes local policies within those set by the Regional Library Board oversee the Library Trust Fund budget, and also serve on the Board of the Dare County Library Foundation, a new 501-C3 tax-exempt organization.

  - serves as the governing board and sets policy for the six libraries within the East Albemarle Regional Library System. Board is responsible for setting region-wide policies, and approving and reviewing the Regional budget and meets quarterly.

Local Emergency Planning Committee
  - Develop an emergency response plan tailored to the needs of the community.

Manns Harbor Community Center Board
  - Management and responsibility of upgrading the community building. The community of Manns Harbor have the opportunity to have reunions, parties, etc. at the community center.

Mid-County Bridge Group
  - an organization currently seeking 501(c)(3) non-profit status. BB-PR, Inc. includes individuals and businesses, predominately from the communities of Currituck, Duck, and Southern Shores. We are committed to preserving the quality of life, environment, charm and safety of the Northern Outer Banks for the benefit of everyone.

Nursing Home Community Advisory Committee
  - Advocacy through the monitoring of care and resolution of grievances of nursing home patients or their families. Advisory Board meets when needed.

  - meets to review and advise Dare County Older Adult Services.

  - oversees county dredging projects and waterways related issues.

  - serves as an advisory board to the Dare County Board of Commissioners in the ongoing effort to pursue short term and long term solutions for Oregon Inlet.

Oregon Inlet Task Force/Waterways Consolidation Committee
  - To prepare a recommendation on the consolidation of the Oregon Inlet Task Force and the Oregon Inlet & Waterways Commission

- is a program being launched to help create a demand for local seafood and support the welfare of fishermen, restaurants and other businesses in our communities. View Minutes

  - to pursue national status for the Outer Banks Scenic Byway in cooperation with Hyde and Carteret counties.

  - reviews and advises Parks and Recreation in its efforts to promote, organize, plan, and coordinate activities and programs for youth and adults in Dare County. Council meets monthly.

  - review and recommend action on development plans and issues.

Regional Emergency Medical Services
  - This Council meets to exchange information relative to each county Emergency Medical Services/Rescue division. They meet on a quarterly basis at different locations. They discuss grants, training, new technology, etc. Council meets when needed.

Roanoke Island Community Center Board
  - Management of community building. They are responsible for upgrading the building when needed. Board meets quarterly.

Rodanthe Waves Salvo Community Center Board
  - Management and responsibility of upgrading the community building. The community has the opportunity to have reunions, parties, etc. at the community center. Board meets when needed.

  - Established to oversee and advocate the preservation of and restoration of the shorelines of Dare County.

Special Motor Vehicle Valuation Review Board
  - meets to hear appeals of tax payers on the value of the vehicle. Committee meets when needed.

Stumpy Point Community Center Board
  - Management and responsibility of upgrading the community building. The community have the opportunity to have reunions, parties, etc. at the community center. Board meets when needed.

Task Force on Higher Education
  - This Board meets to discuss bringing higher education to Dare County. Board meets when needed.

  - assesses the services offered at the Center and provides guidance on meeting the needs of those who use the facility.

Tourism Board
  - This Board promotes travel to and tourism in Dare County and its municipalities. Their objective is to promote and encourage tourism in Dare County with the aim of increasing visitation and revenue. Board meets monthly.

Town of Southern Shores Zoning Board of Adjustment
  - meets on request to hear appeals from the decisions of the Building Inspector or to consider recommending a variance from the Zoning Ordinance in special circumstances.

  - provides ongoing oversight in reviewing the Departments service and maintains ongoing communications as a means of seeking public involvement.

Trustees for the OPEB Irrevocable Trust
  - review and discuss plan performance pertaining to the OPEB Irrevocable Trust established for OPEB (Retiree Health)

  - Helps Dare County Veterans by serving as a liaison with the community in coordinating services and activities benefiting Veterans and their families. Members of the Veterans Advisory Council solicit information and provide updates about community based activities honoring Veterans.

Wanchese Community Center Board
  - Management and responsibility of upgrading the community building. The community of Wanchese have the opportunity to have reunions, parties, etc. at the community center. Donations are accepted. Board meets when needed.

Workforce Development Board
  - Establish a means of enhancing the partnership between private and public sectors

Youth Council
  - oversees and facilitates ongoing programming of recreation with an emphasis on making them available to all middle school and high school youth in Dare County.

  - hear and decide appeals from and review any order, requirement, or decision of determination made by the Zoning Administrator, which includes interpretation of zoning maps, disputed questions of lot lines that may arise.