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  • Parks and Rec Football

    Parks and Rec Activities in Full Swing

    Forget Monday Night Football - The real action is happening on fields and in gyms across Dare County with over 1500 Parks and Rec participants this fall. Pictured - Steelers vs. Redskins ages 10 -12

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In The Spotlight

  • Planning to Travel and Need to Access Updated Road Conditions?

    Access NC DOT's TIMS system for the latest information regarding road and traffic conditions throughout NC.  Click the blue camera icon within TIMS to see a live view of roadways.

  • Bridge Projects

    The state of North Carolina is investing over $391 million dollars in the infrastructure of Dare County with the Bonner Bridge Replacement Project and the 2.4 mile long "jug handle" bridge in Rodanthe. 

  • StoryTime

    Over 12,500 children attended a Dare County Library program or story time last year. The Dare County libraries offer a wide variety of children’s activities for kids of all ages and for every interest and reading ability.

  • Know Your Location

    In an emergency, every second counts! Pay attention to what street you accessed the beach on or what milepost you are near. Despite what you have heard, 911 operators cannot immediately locate you from your cell phone. 

  • Free Online Resources for Students

    The Dare County Library has many free print and electronic resources for students in grades K-12. Our electronic resources such as databases and eBooks can be accessed from home or school year-round.

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