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Reentry Permit Information

Post Date:10/05/2016 8:30 a.m.

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Evacuation Policy 
The responsibility for ordering a countywide evacuation rests with the Dare County Control Group. The Control Group includes the Chairman of the Dare County Board of Commissioners or designee, the Municipal Mayors, the Dare County Sheriff and the Superintendent of the National Park Service. 

Evacuation Procedures 
Evacuation areas will be determined by the projected storm-related conditions as supplied by the National Hurricane Center. 

  • Leave promptly once an evacuation order is given; visitors should take all belongings with them.
  • If an evacuation is called it will begin during daylight hours.
  • Public information statements are routinely issued by Emergency Management and can be viewed at www.darecountyem.com or www.darenc.com
  • Law enforcement will be at traffic control points.

Reentry Policy 
A staged reentry process will be used by the Dare County Control Group to facilitate an orderly reentry following an evacuation. 

Reentry Procedures 
Reentry permits from previous years will not be accepted. 
No reentry permits will be issued once a State of Emergency is in effect or within 72 hours of expected landfall of a storm on the Outer Banks. 
No one will be denied reentry with proper identification. 

Proper identification includes:

  • Valid Driver's License with Dare County Address
  • Current Tax Bill (with valid identification matching the name on tax record)
  • Reentry Permits

Re-Entry Stages: 
Priority One: Essential Personnel 
Priority Two: Permanent Residents and Essential Personnel for Critical Businesses 
Priority Three: Non-Resident Property Owners and Non-Resident Employees of Non- Critical Businesses 
Priority Four: General Public & Visitors


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