The Dare County Animal Shelter is staffed and managed by the Outer Banks SPCA. The shelter is concerned with the welfare of all animals, domestic, feral or wild. Responsibilities include the sheltering of unwanted or stray dogs and cats as well as the enforcement of State and County ordinances relating to the keeping, restraint, and humane treatment of animals.

Educating the public about responsible animal ownership and proper care is an important part of the animal shelter’s service mission. The animal shelter promotes the responsible placement of adopted animals, and the humane disposition of unwanted, unadopted, sick or injured animals.  

Staff at the animal shelter provide many animal-care and animal-control services including pet adoption, licensing, spay-neuter assistance, and lost and found animal reporting. Shelter staff has responsibility for investigating animal cruelty, animal nuisance complaints, and animal bites within the unincorporated areas of Dare County and in the towns of Manteo, Kitty Hawk, Southern Shores and Duck regardless of the severity. . They also provide rabies control measures and advocate humane education.

For more information about the Dare County Animal Shelter, contact the Outer Banks SPCA.