Welcome to the Dare County Animal Shelter. We appreciate your consideration of adopting a homeless pet. The unique thing about getting an animal from our Shelter is that we let you know the obligations involved in owning a pet before you get the animal.

Some people wonder why we just don't hand out cats and dogs not knowing or caring where they may be going. Past experiences has shown that if we did that many animals would come back to this or another Shelter along with a litter that was not planned, or that the animal would be abandoned or let run the neighborhood, or used for research purposes.

We have an obligation to you as a potential pet adopter to make you aware of all the responsibilities of pet ownership, and we have an obligation to the animal to ensure his new family is prepared to accept him. No matter how you obtain your new pet it is still going to require your time, cost, and responsibility. You should be ready to pay all the applicable fees when you sign the contract.


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