Things to Consider

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Your family!
Is anyone allergic to animal hair? Do you have small children who may be over powered by a large dog, or who may play to rough with a puppy, kitten, cat, or small dog? Is there a family member home to house break a young animal? 

Your home!
Do you have space for a large dog? A large dog needs a fenced yard for exercise. If you rent a house or apartment will your landlord allow a pet to live to live on the property? 

Your time!
Do you have the time to regularly exercise a dog or to groom a longhaired cat? Will you be willing to clean up after "accidents" and vacuum animal hair that has shed? 

Your budget!
 Will you be able to afford the financial burden of maintaining a pet? Pets require routine check-ups, shots, and medication. Licensing, grooming, altering and vacation care are additional expenses. 

Pet request!
If we do not have the type of pet you are looking for our staff will be happy to take a pet request and call you if we get in an animal you might be interested in adopting.