Dare County has declared a State of Emergency due to the unprecedented public health threat posed by COVID-19 and determined that restrictions and prohibitions are necessary to protect public health and safety and are also in keeping with the President's Coronavirus Guidelines for America. Visitors and non-resident property owners are prohibited from entering Dare County. View details at   Click here for the latest information on COVID-19. 

Section 91.025 of the County of Dare Code of Ordinances requires all dog owners to obtain a County dog license for the current calendar year, and keep it securely attached with the current rabies tag to the dog collar or harness. County Dog Licenses are to be renewed by January 31 of each calendar year.

County Dog License may be purchased in person, online, or by mail.

In Person locations: Dare County Animal Shelter in Manteo, the Northern Beach Office in Nags Head, and the Health Department in Frisco. 

Online: Complete the registration form and purchase your tags online.

By Mail: Complete the paper registration form and mail to DARE COUNTY ANIMAL SHELTER, P0 BOX 1000 Manteo NC 27954 with:

  • copy of your RABIES VACCINATION CERTIFICATE (which will be returned to you)

  • CHECK or MONEY ORDER for the applicable license fee
     ($25 fertile dogs, $10 spayed/neutered dogs)

  • SELF ADDRESSED STAMPED ENVELOPE for the return of the license tag and certificate