The mission of the Outer Banks Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (OBX SPCA) is to provide protection and care for animals and promote a humane community in the Outer Banks for residents and visitors.

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People love pets. They're cute, cuddly and fun! But having a pet involves much more than just love. There's a huge commitment involved; pets need food and water, medical care and lots of attention. Unfortunately, with all of these responsibilities, many people find that they are in over their heads. The result is a large number of unwanted pets.

That's where the Outer Banks SPCA. We do what we do because over 4,000 animals in Dare County need us each year! Outer Banks SPCA strives to take care of animals and to be proactive and offer programs to prevent problems before they occur. For example, Dare County’s Spay/Neuter Assistance Program (POPCORN) helps reduce the unwanted pet population through the spaying and neutering of cats and dogs.


As an Animal Welfare agency that provides a variety of services and resources to the community, including animal sheltering, owner reclaim and adoption, education, public safety and law enforcement.

An essential component of the vision is to effectively reduce the companion animal overpopulation in our community through education, owner responsibility, and spay/neuter services. We strive to continue implementing innovative approaches to help reduce the number of free roaming animals that must be impounded and to reduce the threat of dangerous animals in our community.

Animal Care and Control strives to reduce the dangers and nuisances caused by irresponsible pet ownership, and to protect pets from abuse, neglect and homelessness.

The Outer Banks SPCA is an open-admission animal shelter. As such, we take in more than 4,000 dogs and cats each year. Some may be ill or injured. Others may have behavioral issues or be aggressive. We receive pets from people who can no longer care for them, and pets that are no longer wanted. We receive many perfectly healthy dogs and cats that just need a new home.

We believe it is not the animals fault for being at the shelter. We want every healthy, treatable and manageable animal to get a second chance at love. We are doing that in a variety of ways.