Legal Name Changes

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There are several different manners in which to obtain a legal name change. Names may be changed through an Adoption Decree, a Complaint for Divorce (where the wife is the Petitioner), Application for Resumption of Maiden Name, or a Special Proceedings Petition for a Legal Name Change. 

Application for Resumption of Maiden Name: This form is only applicable to individuals resuming their maiden name. If you wish to change your name to something other than your maiden name, then you need to initiate a Special Proceeding by filing a Petition for a Legal Name Change. Please refer to North Carolina General Statute §101-8. The filing fee for an Application for Resumption of Maiden Name is $10.00. 

Legal Name Change of an Adult:  Please review the North Carolina General Statutes §101-1 through §101-7 for specific requirements for filing a Petition for a Legal Name Change. Statutes may be viewed online at by searching for the statute number or using key words. The filing fee for a Petition for a Legal Name Change is $120.00. If you are seeking a Name Change for a Minor, the process varies depending on the age of the child and the position of the parents.  The following documents are required to obtain a name change for an adult:

1.  Notice of Intent to Change Name (must be posted in courthouse 10 days before filing the Petition)

2.  Certified Petition for Legal Name Change

3.  Affidavits of Character from two people who live in the same county as you

4.  Birth Certificate

5.  Fingerprints 

6.  Background check from both the State Bureau of Investigations and the Federal Bureau of Investigations

7.  Affidavit regarding Tax Obligations and Outstanding Child Support

Forms are available at the Office of the Clerk of Superior Court.