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The Dare County Sheriff's Office 911 Communications Center is the public's first true responder to all emergencies. Our mission is to act as a vital and critical link between our public safety agencies and the citizens they protect and serve. We strive to ensure the preservation of life and property by treating all who use our services with professionalism, courtesy and compassion relaying accurate information in a timely and efficient manner. As part of the Dare County Sheriff's Office our 911 Telecommunicators value integrity, personal excellence, honesty, constructive self-criticism, continual self-improvement and mutual respect.

The Dare County Sheriff's Office 911 Communications Center offers a fast, effective communications link between the general public and emergency services. Our division provides dispatch services for 7 law enforcement agencies, the Dare County EMS, 16 Dare County Fire Departments and Ocean Rescue countywide. Additional services dispatched after business hours include public utilities, public works, animal control and the Dare County Department of Health and Human Services (Social Services Division) for emergency based calls only. We serve as the first true responder contacted when someone is calling for emergency assistance.

The Dare County Sheriff's Office 911 Communications Center utilizes state-of-the-art radio and telephone communications systems; as well as; using cutting-edge technologies to ensure the integrity of the 911 services provided to the citizens of our community. We serve our base year-round population of just over 34,000 which climbs over 350,000 during the summer tourist season.

The profession of a 911 Telecommunicator is challenging, yet a rewarding one. Telecommunicator's are the voice behind the radio, the lifeline for citizens and officers alike and the push that starts the ball rolling. Our role requires skilled emergency service work which involves receiving emergency and non-emergency calls for all Dare County Law Enforcement, Fire, as well as Emergency Medical Services and Ocean Rescue, knowing when we may need to send a combination of these emergency services. Our Telecommunicators are trained to be alert at all times, determining the nature / urgency of calls while keeping close contact with field units and maintaining officer safety. This requires a considerable degree of initiative and independent judgment within procedural boundaries in responding to the public reporting a variety of situations.

The Main Goal of Our Communications Division: Is to collect and disseminate information needed during emergency situations in order to protect life, property, and our environment.