Face Coverings Must Be Worn In Indoor and Outdoor Public Spaces in North Carolina Where Social Distancing Cannot Be Maintained - More information available here.

Things to Keep in Mind

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Many people mistakenly call 911 thinking the dispatcher can transfer them to a non-emergency number. Sometimes this is the case for pre-programmed emergency numbers in our Dare County system. But because the 911 phone trunks are different from normal phone lines, transferring to all other numbers this is impossible.

If You Accidentally Call 911:

Let the dispatcher know what happened. Otherwise, the Communications Department has no way of knowing if you dialed a wrong number or if there is actually an emergency.

Other common problem the public can assist with:

Please take the time to post your physical address at your home, rental cottage and/or business. Make sure it is visible from the road to aid emergency responders to the correct location.

Teach your children only to call 911 for law enforcement, fire, or medical help when needed.

Do not make prank calls to 911. Not only is it tying up emergency services, but it can be dangerous. People with real emergencies may not be able to get through when Telecommunicator is busy with dealing with a prank phone call. It is also against the law and if abused you may be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

During weather related events, listen to local radio and television stations or check the Dare County website for information regarding school closings, and road conditions. Do not call 911 for school closings and road conditions. 

Do not call 911 concerning personal power outage, cable problems, or phone outages unless being without any one of these services involves a medical issue. Call the phone, cable, and utilities companies directly to report these types of problems direct.