The Dare County Center of the NC Cooperative Extension serves to enrich the lives, the land, and the economy of North Carolinians. Cooperative Extension is part of a nationwide education system involving the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the state land-grant university system and county government. 

Extension programs enhance the work of government and nonprofit agencies to improve the quality of life for county residents. Focusing on traditional and changing needs in community and rural development, Dare County Cooperative Extension offers a wide variety of innovative programs with something for everyone –

Dare County Cooperative Extension also provides information and soil sample collection material for scientific analysis of soil samples for homeowners, commercial agriculture and landscaping. And, a Cooperative Extension Horticultural Agent can assist in identifying what may be wrong with your plant and offer constructive solutions.

Commercial pesticide applicator licensing information and training opportunities are provided by Dare County Cooperative Extension.

An Extension Advisory Leadership Council helps plan and evaluate the programs that are offered in Dare County. Cooperative Extension welcomes citizen involvement and encourages participation on the Advisory Council. For more information, contact the Dare County Center of the NC Cooperative Extension.

To learn more about the Dare County Center of the Cooperative Extension visit the NC Cooperative Extension website.