Face Coverings Must Be Worn In Indoor and Outdoor Public Spaces in North Carolina Where Social Distancing Cannot Be Maintained - More information available here.


Family and friends whose names appear on the inmate's visitation list (maximum of 5 names) may visit.

  • Every Saturday 2pm to 4pm
  • Every Wednesday 7pm to 9pm


 Up to 4 persons (including children) may visit at one time; however, no inmate will have a total of more than 30 minutes of visitation per scheduled day. Inmates in lockdown will have 15 minutes of visitation per scheduled day. Inmates sentenced to serve less than four (4) consecutive days, or those classified as "weekenders" do not get visitation privileges. 

Visitor Guidelines

  • All visitors to the Detention Center will be subject to a search for contraband. Introduction of contraband into the facility may result in arrest and criminal prosecution.
  • All adult visitors will be required to present proper identification such as:
    • Driver's License
    • Special ID card obtained from the Department of Motor Vehicles
    • Military ID card
    • Passport
  • Children under the age of sixteen (16) are to be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian at all times.
  • All visitors will be subject to a check for outstanding warrants.
  • Visitors must conduct themselves in an orderly manner.
  • Visitors must be clothed appropriately. The following are inappropriate:
    • Mini skirts
    • Short shorts
    • Stomach or cleavage exposed
    • Swim or Bathing Suits
  • No bags, baby strollers, or car seats will be allowed beyond visitor's lobby

Professional Visits

  • Attorneys or Court Officials may visit at any reasonable hour, provided there is Detention Center Staff to accommodate the visit. Appointments are suggested as meeting space is limited, but are not required. 


  • Incoming – General mail must have a return address to include the full name of the sender or it will not be accepted. General mail will be opened and inspected prior to delivery to the inmate. Any contraband found will result in criminal charges and/or sanction for the sender and inmate. Any books, newspapers or magazines must be mailed directly from a publisher. (Amazon is considered a publisher) Money received in the mail will be deposited in the inmate's account. Money Orders will not be accepted.
  • Outgoing – Outgoing mail will be inspected for contraband before mailing. All outgoing mail will bear a return address of the Detention Center as well as the name of the inmate.

Inmate Internet Deposits

  Visit Inmate Internet Deposits provided by McDaniel Supply Company