Poll Workers

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  • Persons appointed must be registered voters and residents of the county in which the precinct is located, of good repute, and able to read and write.
  • No person shall be eligible to serve as a precinct official & who holds any elective office under the government of the United States or of North Carolina or any political subdivision there of.
  • No person shall serve who is a candidate for nomination or election.
  • No person shall be eligible who holds any office in any state congressional district, county or precinct political party or political organization or who is a manager or treasurer for any candidate or political party.

How are Poll Workers Appointed?

Precinct election officials are recommended by the political parties and appointed by the Board of Elections for two-year terms beginning in August of odd-numbered years.

Click here to download the Poll Worker Application. - Mail your completed application to the Dare County Board of Elections at P.O. Box 1000, Manteo, NC 27954 or deliver your application to the Dare County Board of Elections office located at 954 Marshall C. Collins Drive in Manteo. 

What is a Chief Judge?

The Chief Judge is the head official and in charge of contacting the voting place custodian and other officials to make arrangements for each election. The Chief Judge is also responsible for handling Election Day activities and problems, as well as picking up Election Day supplies prior to each election and for returning all supplies the day after the election.

What is a Judge?

Judges work closely with the Chief Judge and are responsible for conducting the election in the event of the Chief Judge's absence. They must sign all official documents and serve on a panel to resolve any challenges. The Chief Judge assigns all other duties.

Who assist the Chief Judges?

Assistants serve when needed and at the discretion and direction of the Chief Judge. The Chief Judge assigns all duties. The Chief Judge and two Judges are required to work every election. Assistants are called when needed.

Officials must be in the voting place at 6:00 AM and remain until all votes have been counted and documents signed. Officials must remain at the voting place for the entire day.


GS 163-46 requires all election officials to attend training sessions conducted by the Board of Elections prior to each major primary and general election. The Chief Judge and Judges are issued a Precinct Election Officials' Manual at the required training session. They receive training for specific issues affecting the upcoming election. Precinct election officials are paid to attend these training sessions in addition to Election Day compensation.

There are approximately five elections scheduled in each two year term. Special referenda and bond elections may also be called.