UPDATED AT  12:00 P.M. 9/12/19

Unrestricted access for all areas in Dare County. It is important for visitors to check with their rental company or accommodations provider to confirm reservations before traveling to the area.

During a State of Emergency that requires a mandatory evacuation to ensure public safety, the Dare County Control Group will determine when it is safe to return. A staged reentry process is used to facilitate a safe and orderly return allowing the recovery process to begin. No one will be denied entry with proper identification. Reentry permits from previous years will not be accepted.


Priority One: Essential Personnel 
Essential personnel include essential utilities personnel, government personnel, medical personnel, and damage assessment personnel. Essential personnel will be allowed entry with a reentry permit and matching government-issued identification.

Priority Two: Permanent Residents & Essential Personnel for Critical Businesses
Permanent Residents will be allowed reentry with a valid NC driver’s license or government-issued identification card with a local address. To expedite movement through traffic control points residents can also display a reentry permit. 

Non-resident essential personnel of critical businesses such as grocery stores, food distributor, pharmacies, banks, gas stations, property management, building supply and hotels will be permitted reentry with a reentry permit and matching current government-issued ID.

Priority Three: Non-Resident Property Owners and Non-Resident Employees of Non-Critical Businesses

Non-resident property owners will also be allowed reentry with a current tax bill or parcel data sheet with matching current government-issued id or a reentry permit with matching current government-issued identification.

Non-resident employees of non-critical businesses will be allowed entry with a reentry permit with matching current government issued identification.

Priority Four: General Public and Visitors 
No reentry permit is needed for Priority Four. 


Priority 1 - Essential Personnel
Priority 2 - Permanent Residents & Essential Personnel for Critical Businesses
Priority 3 - Nonresident Property Owners & Nonresident Employees of Noncritical Businesses
Priority 4 - General Public & Visitors