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Dare County is recognized as an innovative pioneer in providing aeromedical transport services. Dare MedFlight represents the vision and commitment of the Dare County Board of Commissioners in providing rapid medical transportation for its residents and visitors. For over 25 years, Dare County has been one of the few county-owned aeromedical operations in the entire nation.

Dare MedFlight has a dedicated staff of 5 pilots, 2 full-time mechanics, and 12 flight paramedics. Together as a team, they operate a MedFlight Airbus H-145 helicopter, capable of carrying two patients and air crew members. The aircraft has advanced safety features including enclosed tail rotors and a four-axis pilot system. 

Dare MedFlight, the County's rapid medical transport service, began operating in 1975 to ensure all levels of medical care are accessible for residents and visitors. A helicopter drastically reduces transport times for patients needing rapid transfer to hospitals outside of Dare County providing trauma and other critical care services.

Based at the Dare County Regional Airport, Dare MedFlight serves all of Dare County.

Dare MedFlight

Updated on 08/23/2016 11:01 AM

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