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Sheriff's Office FAQ's

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  • How do I apply for employment with the Dare County Sheriff's Office?


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  • How do I address mail to an inmate?

  • Can I send an inmate reading material?

  • How can I deposit money to an inmates account?

  • How do I bond someone out of jail?

  • How can I make a deposit for an Inmate?

  • Is video visitation allowed?


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  • What should I do if I see a crime occurring?

  • Do I have to give my name when I call 911?

  • Why am I asked so many questions when I call for an ambulance?

  • When I dial 911, does the Telecommunicator know where I am calling from?

  • How can hearing or speech impaired persons be assisted?

  • What happens when someone who cannot speak English calls 911?

  • What Questions Will I be Asked When I Dial 911?

  • What Should I Expect When I Dial 911?

  • What is 911 Emergency Services?


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  • How soon are Evictions on real property served?

  • If an individual takes out a Writ of Execution, does that mean the individual will always get their money?

  • When Civil Summons’ are served on individuals, they want to know the court date.

  • Does the defendant need to fill out a Notice of Rights if he or she does not own any property?

  • When an individual is served a Subpoena in person or by phone, do you have to show up for court?

  • Can an Out of State Child Custody Paper be served in North Carolina?

  • Can a Domestic Violence Order be served in North Carolina from another State?

  • Does the defendant need to show up for court on Child Support?

  • Can a knife be taken through the metal detector at the Justice Center?

  • What can happen if a defendant is late for court?

  • Justice Center (Court House) Rules


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  • Where do the dogs come from?

  • Why do the dogs come from another country?

  • What are the dogs trained to do?

  • Who trains the dogs?

  • How much training is required?

  • Where do the dogs stay?

  • Do the dogs get addicted to drugs?

  • What do they eat?

  • How are the dogs able to smell to well?