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Accounts Payable is responsible for processing the County’s accounts payable and issuing payments to vendors; filing annual reports required by regulatory agencies; adhering to established payable procedures; processing purchasing card expenditures; providing follow-up services on outstanding payments and resolving problems which may arise; and verifying that adequate documentation exists prior to authorizing the release of payments to vendors.


Dare County offers electronic payments via ACH (Automatic Clearing House) to eliminate paper checks and increase efficiency in our Accounts Payable function. We value the business relationship with our vendors and want to provide them with the most efficient and safe payment service.

Electronic payment via ACH deposits funds directly into vendor bank accounts and offers many advantages over checks. Each vendor receives a notice detailing the invoices being paid, just as a check stub would, without having to wait for a check to be delivered by mail. Since funds go directly to vendor bank accounts, a trip to the bank to deposit checks is not necessary. Dare County processes ACH payments weekly with the funds available the same day that the ACH clears. Unlike checks, there is no risk of the ACH payment being lost or stolen.

To establish electronic payment via ACH, please contact Anna Gallop.

Dare County is pleased to offer this service to our vendors to improve our payment process.