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Low Risk is Not No Risk

Rumor vs Fact

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MYTH: You can’t buy flood insurance if you are located in a high risk-flood zone.

FACT: You can buy flood insurance no matter where you live in Dare County.   Floods can happen anywhere, even in areas that are outside of the floodplain.  1 in 4 flood losses occur in low-risk X zone properties. 


MYTH: You can’t buy flood insurance immediately before or during a flood.

FACT: You can by flood insurance at any time however there is usually is a 30-day waiting period before the policy is effective 


MYTH: Homeowners insurance policies cover flooding.

FACT: Homeowners insurance does not cover flood.   A separate policy is needed.  Flood insurance policies can be purchased by homeowners and business owners for building and contents.   Residential and commercial renters can also purchase flood insurance for contents and inventory.


MYTH: Flood insurance is only available for homeowners or business owners.

FACT: Renters can purchase flood insurance.


MYTH: You don’t need flood insurance if you are located outside of the flood zone or in a low risk Shaded X or X zone.

FACT: Floods can happen anywhere.  Flood maps do not account for rainfall, elevated groundwater levels, or the naturally low topography of the Outer Banks barrier islands.    Even properties located in Shaded X or X zones can flood.