Face Coverings Must Be Worn In Indoor and Outdoor Public Spaces in North Carolina Where Social Distancing Cannot Be Maintained - More information available here.

Environmental Services - Health & Human Services

Children's Environmental Health

Our Children's Environmental Health Program supports several programs for the protection of children's health. Conditions could exist in such facilities that could lead to accidents, food-borne illnesses, or the spread of communicable diseases. Our Environmental Health Specialists inspects the establishments such as school cafeterias and buildings, daycares, residential care and foster family homes.

Food, Lodging Institutions

The purpose of the Food, Lodging institutions program is to educate and protect the public's health and well being. Health Inspectors visit food and lodging establishments to enforce state and local government regulations. It is the responsibility of this unit to inform establishments about state regulations and encourage set standards in the interest of public health.

On-site Water Protection

Our On-site Water Protection Program is responsible for activities associated with subsurface sewage collection, treatment and disposal and for activities associated with private drinking water wells.

Public Swimming Pools

There is an annual permit and inspection(s) required to operate a public swimming pool, spa, or wading pool. An application  must be filed with the Environmental Health Services Office along with the fee before an operation permit is issued. The permit must be renewed each year.