Click Here to download, The Initiative, released October of 2017, the Saving Lives Task Force's Quarterly Newsletter.


The Saving Lives Task Force is a team of professionals and community members working toward the prevention of substance use disorders, increasing access and the availability of effective treatment for all Dare County residents in need of help.


Scope of Work

To educate, inform and engage, the citizens and providers in Dare County on substance use disorders, prevention, treatment, and access.



The ultimate success of this Task Force is highly dependent on the involvement of its members. The Task Force will be comprised of members of the community involved in substance use disorder prevention, education, treatment, access and recovery. These members should attend meetings and any related activities as appropriate. A representative should be asked to attend any meetings or activities if the regular member is unable to attend. Meetings are open to the public.


Meeting Frequency & Plan of Action

The Saving Lives Task Force will meet every month except where noted. Meetings will be held at the Dare County Admin Building unless otherwise noted. This schedule will be made available to all members at the beginning of each calendar year. The initial meetings will be dedicated to establishing goals for each calendar year. Subsequent meetings will be dedicated to program/service/committee updates, new programs and services, funding resources and collaborative/partnership work.



This Task Force will promote communication among members and external partners, leading to openness, better understanding and the breakdown of silos. This team will present a united and collective message for the community on the challenge of Substance use disorders. This Task Force is committed to using accurate and verifiable data. This Task Force will also emphasize the finer details of prevention, education, treatment, access, and recovery by using evidence-based strategies. With this approach, the task force will promote a comprehensive focus on substance use disorders through a collective impact model.