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Our Economic Services staff link families in need to financial assistance. Programs include Medical Assistance, Food & Nutrition Services, Work First Family Assistance and Special Assistance.  Our programs are means tested and require individuals/families to meet either an income or asset test or both in some program areas. All programs have a state residency and citizenship requirement with the exception of Emergency Medicaid.

Adult Medicaid

Our Adult Medicaid program helps with medical bills such as doctor fees, prescription drugs, hospital charges, and nursing home care for eligible individuals that are aged, disabled, or blind. Income and resource limits apply. The eligible client receives an annual Medicaid identification card through the mail to show the health care provider. Medicaid can also cover medical bills from up to 3 months prior to the month of application.

Breast & Cervical Cancer Control Program

The North Carolina Breast and Cervical Cancer Control Program (NC BCCCP) provides free or low-cost breast and cervical screening and follow-up services to eligible women. This service is provided by the Community & Clinical Services unit.

Breast and Cervical Cancer Medicaid (BCCM) provides funding for treatment to NC BCCP enrolled clients who are diagnosed with breast or cervical cancer and who meet additional requirements.  BCCM eligible women must be enrolled in NC BCCCP prior to a cancer diagnosis.

For more information visit  or


North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services uses an online benefit estimator tool ePass that can help determine whether you might be eligible for benefits. Actual eligibility determination must be done at the Department of Social Services.

Applications Available for Download

(Note: Application will need to be printed, signed, and returned to Social Services)

The above files require Adobe Reader. Install the free Adobe Reader onto your computer.

Applications to be processed should be mailed to:

Dare County Department of Health & Human Services
Attn: Economic Services Unit
PO Box 669
Manteo, NC 27954

Family & Children's Medicaid

Family & Children’s Medicaid provides health coverage to help with medical bills such as doctor fees, prescription drugs, hospital charges, and nursing home care for eligible individuals that have a dependent child in the home.

Income and resource limits apply in most programs with the exception of Medicaid for Pregnant Women, Medicaid for Infants and Children, or Family Planning Medicaid. The eligible individual/family receives an annual Medicaid identification card through the mail to show the health care provider. Medicaid can also cover medical bills from up to three months prior to the month of application and in which there is a medical need.

Fishing License

Our Social Services Division can issue a fishing license for North Carolina residents who are currently receiving full Medicaid, Food and Nutrition Services, or Work First Family Assistance.  

Food & Nutrition Services

Food & Nutrition Services helps low-income families or individuals buy food. Families must meet income, resource, citizenship, and work rules. Eligible households receive monthly benefits on a debit card allowing them to purchase approved food items.

You may apply in person, by mail or online. NC DHHS Food and Nutrition Services will provide you with more detailed information about the Food and Nutrition Services program:

To request an application be mailed to you contact Social Services at 252.475.5500.  You can also download an application on ePass

North Carolina Health Choice

NC Health Choice provides insurance for children who are not eligible for Medicaid and are not covered by any other health insurance. This insurance covers a wide range of medical care including doctor's care, hospitalization, prescription medicine, and dental and eye care.


NC DHHS Health Choice provides more detailed information regarding eligibility and requirements for NC Health Choice coverage.

Program Integrity

Program Integrity ensures that individuals/families receive the correct benefit amount from one or more of the many economic services programs.

An individual that knowingly conceals information that would affect the eligibility of benefits they are receiving can be disqualified from the program they are participating, be required to repay benefits received, or be prosecuted under other applicable laws. Likewise gathering clear concise information during the interview process will also ensure individuals/families are receiving the maximum benefit amounts.

For more information please call 252.475.5500 or visit NC DHHS Program Integrity website.

Special Assistance

Our Special Assistance program provides assistance to persons living in adult care homes (rest homes) or living at home who are in financial need and who are age 65 or older or who are between the ages of 18 and 65 and are disabled or blind. Individuals seeking assistance in this program area must be within the income and resource limits to qualify and meet Medicaid eligibility requirements.

For more information please visit the Division of Medical Assistance website.

Work First

Work First is a program designed to help families achieve self-sufficiency–helping adults support themselves and provide for their children. To help families reach their self-sufficiency goals, Work First provides employment services, other supportive services, and time-limited cash assistance to families with children under age 18. The family is referred to child support to help get additional financial support for the children. If eligible, the family may also receive Medicaid. A family must meet income, resource, and citizenship rules and have a dependent child in the home.

All adults who are included in any cash assistance payment must have a Mutual Responsibility Plan of Action agreement that requires the individuals to work or participate in work-related activities. These adults must complete all of the requirements on their agreement each month before receiving Work First cash assistance unless there is good cause.

Benefit Diversion is an alternative to Work First; it provides help to families who need one- time temporary assistance for a specific crisis or episode of need. While Benefit Diversion is not appropriate for all families, it provides immediate help to families who are soon-to-be-employed, between jobs, or anticipate receiving financial assistance in the near future that will help meet their needs.

Visit NC DHHS Work First for more information related to the Work First program.

Youth Work Permits

Information about Youth Work Permits is available on NC Department of Labor's website. Please click here to visit that site.