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What restrictions are in place in Dare County?
What if my group staying in a vacation home is larger than 10 people?
Are businesses stocked enough to provide groceries and necessary supplies?
Should I bring supplies with me?
Are restaurants open?
Are beaches open?
Are businesses open?
Will parks and attractions be open?
Are weddings allowed to be held?
Can an individual who tests positive for COVID-19 travel for vacation?
What if a vacationer starts to feel sick with COVID-19 symptoms while in Dare County?
If a vacationer tests positive for COVID-19 while in Dare County what will happen?
Can a vacationer who tests positive for COVID-19 while in Dare County travel back to their permanent residence?
How will contact tracing work regarding vacationers?

Positive Cases

How will I know positive cases are reported in Dare County?
What is Dare County doing to determine who came in contact with the patients who tested positive for COVID-19?
How will I know if I’ve been around people who have tested positive for COVID-19?
Will Dare County share any details regarding locations (including dates/times) where the patient has recently been in the area?
How do I know that the person calling me is a Dare County Department of Health & Human Services representative?
Could I have caught coronavirus from someone in the area who tested positive?
I’m caring for a family member or friend with COVID-19. How can I protect myself from infection and still take care of their needs?
Why are numbers of positive tests different on the various COVID-19 tracking maps?
What is the North Carolina COVID-19 case count?
What is community spread?
What does "fully recovered" mean?
How will contact tracing take place, when non-residents and later visitors, come and go from different parts of the country?
Is there a plan in place if we have a rise in infections once non-citizens come into the county?


How can I receive alerts and information about COVID-19?
Where can I access reliable information about COVID-19?
What is being done to increase medical surge capacity in North Carolina and Dare County?


What types of community resources are available?
Are parks and playgrounds open?
What mental health resources are available to help cope with COVID-19?
How do I apply for unemployment?
How can I support local businesses during this time?
Are weddings and funerals allowed to be held in Phase 2?