Dare County has declared a State of Emergency due to the unprecedented public health threat posed by COVID-19 and determined that restrictions and prohibitions are necessary to protect public health and safety and are also in keeping with the President's Coronavirus Guidelines for America. Visitors and non-resident property owners are prohibited from entering Dare County. View details at   Click here for the latest information on COVID-19. 

County Benefits

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Benefits provided to Full-Time County Employees

Paid vacation based on years of service as follows:

  • 0 through 04 years -     12 days per year
  • 5 through 9 years-        15 days per year
  • 10 through 14 years -   18 days per year
  • 15 through 19 years-    21 days per year
  • 20 though 24 years-     24 days per year
  • 25 through 29 years-   27 days per year
  • 30 + years-                   30 days per year 

Twelve days of paid sick leave per year

Twelve paid holidays per year

MedCost health insurance paid in full by Dare County for Employee Only Coverage

  • Employee/Child Coverage: $85.72 Semi-Monthly
  • Family Coverage: $137.80 Semi-Monthly

Employee Wellness Clinic: County provides 24 hours per week of convenience care clinic services

Life insurance policy at $30,000 with double indemnity for accidental death paid by Dare County for active employees ($4,000 coverage on dependents)

Retirement through the North Carolina Local Government Employees Retirement System
General Employees (Employer Contribution 6.97%; Employee Contribution 6%)
Law Enforcement Employees (Employer Contribution 7.05%; Employee Contribution 6%)

Longevity after 5 years of service; a percentage of gross salary based on years of service as follows:

  • 05 through 09 years โ€“ 1%
  • 10 through 14 years โ€“ 2%
  • 15+ years โ€“ 3%

Ameritas Dental insurance available through payroll deduction (Optional): Semi-Monthly Rates

  • Employee Coverage: $17.26
  • Employee/Child(ren) Coverage: $35.74
  • Employee/Spouse Coverage: $38.70
  • Family Coverage: $57.66

Superior Vision Plan (Optional)Semi-Monthly Rates

  • Employee Coverage: $4.85
  • Employee + One: $9.40
  • Family Coverage: $13.80

Additional Optional Benefits 

  • Flexible Spending Accounts (Optional)
  • Membership with the Local Government Employees Credit Union (Optional)
  • Supplemental health insurance policies available through payroll deduction (Optional)
  • Life Insurance, Term or Whole Life policies (Optional)
  • Participation in the NC Supplemental Retirement Plans, 401k and/or 457 Deferred Comp (Optional)
  • Pre-Paid Legal Service (Optional)