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New construction requires the following inspections:

  1. Piling and/or Footing Inspection

    • Piling inspection — to be done after pilings are installed

    • Footing inspection — to be done after all re-bar is in place before concrete is poured

    At this time, a portable chemical toilet must be on site

  2. Foundation inspection — to be done after block has been laid, but before the floor system is installed

  3. Sheathing inspection — all sheathing must be properly nailed, and all bolting and fasteners installed prior to inspection, which is required before any house wrapping can be applied

  4. Framing Inspection — includes rough-in electrical, plumbing, and mechanical

    • All subcontractors must have obtained necessary permits for their area of responsibility

    • Inspection check-off card must be posted inside structure and remain posted until the project is complete

    • Insulation baffles and fire caulk installed at this time

  5. Insulation inspection — all insulation must be completely installed

  6. Pre-final inspection

    • Septic tank completion certificate issued by the Dare County Environmental Health Department must be submitted prior to this inspection

    • Elevation certificate must be submitted, if necessary

    • All electrical, plumbing, and mechanical work must be complete except for final test

    • All steps, porches and railings must be complete

  7. As-Built Inspection — As-built survey depicting the improvements including parking areas and lot coverage (Done by Zoning official)

  8. Final Inspection

    • Structure must be complete and ready to occupy

    • Driveway and parking must be installed according to survey

    • Rollout refuse container or other means of collection as specified by Dare County Public Works must be removed from site and grounds must be completely clean of all debris

    • House numbers must be posted

  9. Release of Certificate of Occupancy — Upon completion of the final inspection and compliance with all aspects of the steps outlined above, the Building Inspector will issue the Certificate of Occupancy.