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Contact the Dare County Planning Department to determine the flood zone of your property or to obtain information on historical flooding in your neighborhood and other hazards affecting the property. There is no fee for this service. The Dare County Planning Department can also explain steps you can take to prepare your property for flooding and reduce the risks of flood damages. Give them a call at 252.475.5873.


Flood zones are land areas identified on the flood maps that describes the land area in terms of its risk to flooding. 

The flood zones that apply in unincorporated Dare County are AE Zones, VE Zones, and X Zones.

AE zones are the base floodplain with a base flood elevation expressed as a number such as AE-8. These are the most common flood zones in unincorporated Dare County.

VE Zones are flood zones in the coastal areas that are subject to velocity flooding in addition to stillwater flooding. These zone are typically found along the shorelines where the risk of wave action velocity is present.

X zones are areas outside of the 100-year floodplain where flood risk are minimal. Flood Insurance in not required in X zones.

The most effective construction technique used to mitigate the flood hazards of Dare County is the elevation of structures located within designated floodplains or flood hazard areas. These designated areas are mapped on Flood Insurance Rate Maps or FIRM maps. 

BASE FLOOD ELEVATION (BFE) standards for flood zones are determined using a formula of a site's proximity to a water body and computer-generated water run-up models. All construction within a designated flood zone must be constructed above the base flood elevation, if applicable. 

There are various flood zones used throughout Dare County. The highest base flood elevations are located along the immediate oceanfront where the hazard of flooding from hurricanes and other storm events is greatest. 

Flood hazards also exist along the estuarine shoreline and other low-lying areas of Dare County. There are some areas in Dare County where the natural ground elevation is above the base flood determinations. In unincorporated Dare County, these areas are generally found on the northern end of Roanoke Island, in some portions of Duck and Colington, and the Buxton Woods maritime forest on Hatteras Island. The elevation of structures in flood hazard areas is the most effective flood mitigation construction technique.