Dare Soil and Water Conservation District works to seek funding to implement community projects. Most projects are to benefit the county's soil and water resources. Additional projects help to provide the community with environmental education opportunities. The District seeks outside funding and grants to administer these types of projects. Many community projects that have been implemented in Dare County are made possible through funding from the Community Conservation Assistance Program (CCAP). Funds are used for projects that help to improve water quality, manage stormwater and implement Best Management Practices on residential, public and commercial properties.

The following are highlights of projects in Dare County funded in part by the Community Conservation Assistance Program and the North Carolina Foundation for Soil and Water.

Educational Projects

First Flight High School and Manteo Elementary School received funding to assist with the construction of outdoor classrooms. These spaces provide an opportunity for students to learn outside. These classrooms provide the opportunity for students to connect with the natural environment. It improves physical, social and mental health just to name a few. The District applied for funding through the NC Foundation for Soil and Water.