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Soil Surveys 

Copies of the Dare County soil survey are available to the public at no cost. The soil survey provides the description, classification and mapping of soils in an area. 

The soil survey offers helpful information for many uses in the community :

  • Planners, developers, engineers, and home buyers find the survey helpful to plan land use and select sites for construction.
  • Farmers, foresters, and agronomists use it to evaluate soil potential for maximum food and fiber production.
  • Teachers, conservationists, students, and others discover how to understand, protect, and enhance the environment through the soil survey.
For a hard copy of the Dare County soil survey contact our office at 252.475.5628. Soil surveys can be accessed online through the United States Department of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation Service.

Soil Tests

Dare Soil and Water Conservation District provides materials for home owners, landscapers, horticulturists, farmers or business owners interested in sampling their soil for analysis. Stop by the office to get a sample box and instructions. The instructions provide detailed information on how to collect the sample, label it, package it and how to mail it. Soil is tested by the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services in the Division of Agronomic Services. Generally, from April through November, there is no cost to have your soil tested. However, from Thanksgiving to March, during peak season, there is a $4 charge per soil sample. You can find more information from the state's Division of Agronomic Services.