For divorce records, estates/wills information, traffic violations and other court-related records, such as criminal and civil disputes, contact the Clerk of Court’s Office at 252.475.5200. 

Dare County is committed to upholding North Carolina's Public Records Act which makes clear that written materials and other information made or received by state or local government is the property of the citizens and provides a way for people to enforce their right to see government records. For detailed information about North Carolina's Public Records Act, you may review Chapter 132 of the North Carolina General Statutes

For most records there is no requirement that requests be in writing, but Dare County asks for a written request in order to assure accuracy. Again, this is not required.  

To submit a written request, you may use this form or submit an email to If you prefer to submit your request by phone, call Dorothy Hester at 252.475.5903.

When requesting a public record, it is helpful to be as specific as possible by including the time frame, title and/or topic of the records you are interested in reviewing or copying. Be sure to tell us how quickly you would like to obtain the records so we can attempt to meet your timetable. If making a large public records request, there may be a fee charged to offset the direct costs incurred in filling the request. 

Commissioners meeting minutes and agendas, along with archived meeting videos are available on the Board of Commissioners section of this website. 

Property and tax information is available through our online search program.     

Recorded real estate legal documents and deeds can be researched online through the Register of Deeds portal. Copies of marriage licenses are also available from the Register of Deeds Office.

For records related to the Dare County Sheriff’s Office, Dare County Tourism Board or Dare County Schools, please contact each of these agencies directly.