The Community of Juvenile Services, which is funded by the Dare County Juvenile Crime Prevention Council, consists of four components that strive to reduce juvenile delinquency. The four components are Dare County Teen Court, Dare County Community Service and Restitution, Youth Accountability and Counseling Services, and Community of Juvenile Services Psych. 

The Community of Juvenile Services (COJS) program began in July 2011 and serves adjudicated and pre-adjudicated at-risk youth by holding them accountable for their actions while providing counseling services and interpersonal skills training that address the risk factors contributing to delinquent behavior in our youth. 

Teen Court

Dare County Teen Court is an alternative system of justice helping to change the lives of juvenile first-time offenders in Dare County. Student volunteers, under adult supervision, take on responsible leadership roles in teen court, serving as jurors, clerk of court, bailiff, defense attorneys and prosecuting attorneys.


Community Service and Restitution 

This Program provides supervised community service to juveniles who are court ordered, or are in a diversion contract, to perform community service and/or pay restitution. These juveniles are held accountable for their actions by performing uncompensated work service that benefits the local community, and in order to compensate the victim for the losses suffered.

Accountability and Counseling 

The Youth Accountability and Counseling Services  program provides skill building, counseling and case management of at-risk, undisciplined and delinquent youth and their families. This program is designed to have an impact on community crimes related to substance abuse and violence. 

Juvenile Services Pysch

The Juvenile Services Psych program provides psychological assessments by order of the juvenile court. These assessments provide more complete evaluative information, which allow appropriate placement and treatment decisions to be made concerning juvenile offenders.

COJS Advisory Board 

Shannon Glaser, Treasurer

Lora Gilreath, Kill Devil Hills Community Police Officer

Melinda Mogowski, Counseling Services

Cynthia Errickson, COJS Director

Nancy Hodges, NC DPS Consultant

Paul Pollock, Dare County Juvenile Court Counselor

Lara Kate Wright, Student Representative

Tim White, Dare County Public Services Director

The COJS Advisory Board meets monthly for program review  and policy development.