Annual Planning

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According to G.S. 143B-549, “Each County Council shall review annually the needs of juveniles in the county who are at risk of delinquency or who have been adjudicated undisciplined or delinquent and the resources available to address those needs. The Council shall develop and advertise a request for proposal process and submit a written plan of action for the expenditure of juvenile sanction and prevention funds to the board of county commissioners for its approval.” 

The Dare County JCPC’s planning efforts are based on North Carolina’s Comprehensive Strategy to address the needs of juveniles from prevention for youth-at-risk to commitment and post release supervision from a Youth Development Center. Comprehensive Strategy is a community-focused research-based approach to juvenile delinquency. 

Planning for the funding year includes an assessment the risk factors for delinquency, identification of needed services to fill gaps in the service continuum, and efforts to improve existing JCPC funded programs. A Request for Proposals based on this planning is developed, published in local media, and circulated to child serving public and 501 ©3 non-profits operating in Dare County. For more information about the RFP, please contact the Eastern Area Office of the Department of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention at 252.355.9013. 

Risk and Needs Assessment
The Dare County JCPC has completed a community risk and needs assessment through a series of meetings, data collection, and input from the community. Through this assessment, the following priority risk factors have been identified:

  • Marginal Parenting Skills
  • Disruptive School Environment
  • Community drug and alcohol abuse
  • Community Crime

Needed Services
Based on recommendations from JCPC members including those representing child serving agencies in the county, as well as interested citizens, and juvenile representatives, and upon reviewing available resources within the community, the Dare County JCPC has identified the following needed services that will impact the priority risk factors of delinquency and fill gaps in the service continuum:

  • Non-residential Substance Abuse Treatment
  • Teen Court
  • Sex Offender Treatment
  • Home-based Family Services
  • Restitution/Community Service
  • Mentoring
  • Psychological Assessment Services
  • Mediation/Conflict Resolution Services
  • Experiential Skills
  • Counseling
  • Vocational Skill Building

Program Information
The North Carolina General Assembly allocates funds to counties for community-based programs for delinquency prevention and treatment. Dare County has received $88,429 for fiscal year 2017/2018. Funds are available for existing or new programming to serve 6-17 year olds.

The following program has received grants for fiscal year 2017/2018:

Dare County Community of Juvenile Services – (administered through Dare County - $63,750) – These programs will provide interpersonal skills and individual counseling for court referred and at-risk juveniles; teen court diversion; psychological assessments as ordered by the court; and Restitution/Community Service – community service and victim restitution for juveniles on a diversion contract or juveniles as ordered by the court.

For more Information regarding Dare County Community of Juvenile Services contact Shannon Glaser, Program Director at 252.475.5689