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Dare County Teen Court is an alternative system of justice helping to change the lives of juvenile first-time offenders in Dare County. Student volunteers, under adult supervision, take on responsible leadership roles in teen court, serving as jurors, clerk of court, bailiff, defense attorneys and prosecuting attorneys.

Through creative sentences handed down by their peers, juvenile offenders are held accountable for their actions. Teen court utilizes community service, apology letters, and Teen Court jury duties as rehabilitation tools in the innovative program proven effective at deterring future criminal activity.

In order to participate, defendants must admit guilt, voluntarily enter the program, and successfully complete the sentence handed down to them by the teen court jury. Those who do, learn the consequences of delinquent behavior without receiving a criminal record. Those who do not successfully complete their sentence are referred back to the referring agency for traditional court proceedings.

Volunteer opportunities are available for students in grades 7 through 12. Volunteers learn valuable skills and take a leadership role in helping change the lives of their peers.

 Teen Court Leadership Team 

The student Leadership Team helps Dare County Teen Court make a difference in the lives of young people in our community. Team members are expected to serve as role models for their peers at all times and must maintain high standards of conduct and encourage other Teen Court members to do the same.

Students on the Leadership Team also volunteer their time serving as jury foreperson and defense and prosecuting attorneys. Leadership Team meetings are held each month before the Teen Court hearings.

Teen Court Standard of Conduct/Dress Code

Teen Court Standard of Conduct

I will be supportive of other Teen Court members and adults

I will display proper behavior during Teen Court activities.

I will use appropriate language during Teen Court activities.

During Teen Court sessions, I will wear clothing that is appropriate and respectful. This means no jeans, tee shirts, shorts, and shirt tucked in. This also means no revealing clothing and shoes, not flip flops or sneakers. 

Teen Court Oath of Confidentiality 

“I swear, or affirm, that I will not divulge, either by words or by signs, any information about any defendant/respondent which may come to my knowledge in any Teen Court Presentation.”

Teen Court Volunteer Application

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