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School Resource Division

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Manteo Middle School 

SRO Corporal Ambrose

Certifications include: N.C. School Resource Officer, Field Training Officer, N.C. Law Enforcement Instructor, Firearms Instructor, Rapid Deployment Instructor, D. A. R. E. Instructor.


                                                                                       Manteo High School 

SRO Corporal McKay

Certifications include: N.C. School Resource Officer Certificate Program, N.C. Community Oriented Policing Certificate, Advanced Law Enforcement Certificate, IPMBA Certified & N.C. 2008-2009 Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) Advisor of the Year.



Cape Hatteras Secondary School 

SRO Corproal Kierney
252.995.5730 ext 3008

Certifications include: Advanced Law Enforcement Certificate, Basic and Advanced SRO Certificates, Field Training Officer, Street Gangs, D. A. R. E. Instructor.




First Flight High School 
SRO Corporal Essick 

Certifications include: N. C. School Resource Officer,  Field Training Officer, Alpine Tower Certified & Advanced Law Enforcement Certification.


First Flight Middle School 

SRO Corporal Cottrell 
Manteo Elementary School 

SRO Sergeant Padilla 

Certifications include: N. C. School Resource Officer, Field Training Officer, Intermediate and Advanced Law Enforcement Certifications.

Cape Hatteras Elementary School 

SRO Deputy Felton

Certifications include: School Resource Officer



First Flight Elementary School 

SRO Corporal Terry 

Certifications include: N. C. Law Enforcement General Instructor, Standardized Field Sobriety Tests Instructor