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In order to acquire a North Carolina permit, an individual must apply to the Sheriff's Office in the county in which he/she resides. As part of the application process, the applicant must accomplish at least the following:

Complete an application (packet), under oath, on a form provided by the Sheriff's Office; and

Pay a non-refundable fee of $90.00 (either exact cash, check, or money order); and

Allow the Sheriff's Office to take fingerprints (The Sheriff's Office requests that you make an appointment for fingerprinting. Available fingerprint appointment hours are from Monday - Friday 9:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.) Walk-ins will try to be accommodated, but not guaranteed. 

Provide an original certificate of completion of an approved NC handgun safety course; and

Provide a release authorizing disclosure to the Sheriff of any record concerning the applicant's mental health or capacity.

If you are RENEWING a Concealed Handgun Permit, you MUST apply PRIOR to your expiration date, but no more than 90 days prior to the expiration date and pay the $75.00 fee.

If your permit has EXPIRED, but it has been LESS than 60 days since the permit expired, you will be required to apply as a NEW APPLICANT, be fingerprinted, and pay the $90.00 fee, but you may or may not be required to submit a new training certificate.

If more than 60 days has passed since your permit EXPIRED, you must retake the CONCEALED HANDGUN TRAINING COURSE, apply as a NEW APPLICANT, and submit the NEW TRAINING CERTIFICATE with the application.


Change-of-address procedure for Concealed Handgun Permits:

You must appear in person at the Dare County Sheriff's Office within 30 days of a change of address.  If you are moving out of Dare County, DO NOT go to Sheriff's Office until you have personally appeared in Dare County and completed the above-mentioned change-of-address process. The Sheriff's Office in the county to which you have moved cannot make any changes until Dare County releases your records.

Any time you have a change of residence, you must appear in person to complete a change-of-address form. At that point, you will be given a change of address, which indicates that you have made notification of your address change. You must carry this in addition to your current concealed handgun permit.

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