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The Emblem

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In 1986, at the request of Sheriff Albert “Bert” Austin, a patch and shoulder emblem was designed to represent Dare County and the progressive attitude of the Sheriff’s Office. The two monuments and the ship are depicted against a background of Carolina blue. They are symbolic of Dare County, the spirit of its people and its distinctive and rich 400-year history.







The Elizabeth II
  is representative of vessels sailed during the Roanoke Voyages between 1585 and 1587 marking the first English attempt at colonization in the “New World.” The most notable voyage, in 1587, brought the first English-speaking colonists to Roanoke Island and would later be known as the “Lost Colony.” These 117 men, women and children established a settlement on the north end of Roanoke Island, in the vicinity of what is now Fort Raleigh National Historic Site. Homeport of the 69-foot sailing vessel Elizabeth II is Roanoke Island Festival Park in downtown Manteo.



The Cape Hatteras Lighthouse
, located in Buxton on Hatteras Island, is the tallest brick lighthouse in America standing at 198 feet. Completed in 1870, this candy-striped beacon is the guardian of treacherous Graveyard of the Atlantic. Jointly maintained by the United States Park Service and the United States Coast Guard, it reflects a longstanding association between the people of the Outer Banks and their service in the United States Lifesaving Service, now known as the United States Coast Guard.


  The Wright Brothers National Monument, located atop 90’ Kill Devil Hill, commemorates the site of the first heavier-than-air powered flight on December 17, 1903. This 60 ‘ granite pylon, dedicated in 1932, recognizes the achievements of Wilbur and Orville Wright, whose flight lasted a mere 12 seconds. It is perhaps the single-most significant moment of the last century.