Dare County has declared a State of Emergency due to the unprecedented public health threat posed by COVID-19 and determined that restrictions and prohibitions are necessary to protect public health and safety and are also in keeping with the President's Coronavirus Guidelines for America. Visitors and non-resident property owners are prohibited from entering Dare County. View details at   Click here for the latest information on COVID-19. 


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Becky Huff 252.475.5954            
Jennifer Davenport 252.475.5952
Corinne Etheridge 252.475.5937 
Scott Nickens 252.475.5953                                                                                                    Mesia Godfrey 252.475.5964        

Listings and Motor Vehicles

Keisha Rawls 252.475.5958                                                                                                       Tracie Porter 252.475.5965               

Land Transfer

Nettie Midgett 252.475.5939       

Food and Beverage

Ricki Burrus 252.475.5957           


Ricki Burrus 252.475.5957            

Business Personal 

Teri Carmichael 252.475.5951       
Kim Westover 252.475.5950          

Land Records

Robin Etheridge 252.475.5962      
Jaime Deringer 252.475.5963        
Jennifer Branch 252.475.5961       
Nicole Doxey-Noone 252.475.5960


Property Appraisal Real Estate

Main Office 252.475.5940                    

Ashlee DeWeese 252.475.5941       
April Farence 252.475.5943            
Nettie Midgett 252.475.5939          
Maggie Dennis 252.475.5936         
Lucy Berry 252.475.5947                
David White 252.475.5944             
Greta Skeen 252.475.5945             
Hosea Wilson 252.475.5938           
Steve Avent 252.475.5595              
Tres Midgett 252.475.5933             
Will Joyner 252.475.5942               
Hayley Weeks-Hopkins 252.475.5591
Michael Elliott 252.475.5854         


Dare County Justice Center
962 Marshall C Collins Dr
PO Box 1000
Manteo NC 27954