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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Property Assessment

    • How are property values established?

    • How did my property value change?

    • How will a revaluation affect my tax bill?

    • What if I disagree with my property value?

    • What is "fair market value"?

    • What is meant by "revaluation"?

    • What is my real estate property value based on?

    • What is the purpose of a revaluation?

    • When was the last revaluation done in Dare County?

    • Who appraises real estate for the Dare County Appraisal Department?

    • Will appraisers be visiting my property?

  • Exemptions

    • Are there any exclusive Builders exemptions?

    • Are there any property exemption or tax relief programs?

  • Paying My Tax Bill

    • Does the tax department send a copy of my tax bill to my mortgage company?

    • How can I pay my Tax Bill?

    • When will I receive a bill for my real estate and personal property taxes?

    • Why did I get a tax bill for property that I sold?

  • Motor Vehicle Tax

    • How do I Appeal My Motor Vehicle Value?

    • What if I moved out of North Carolina?

    • What if I sold, traded, junked, or gifted my vehicle?