Motor Vehicle Tax

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Visit your local License Plate Agency or to pay taxes and fees.

In North Carolina, a program called Tag and Tax Together was implemented in 2013.  This program combines the vehicle registration fee and property tax on one notice which is mailed to the vehicle owner by NC Division of Motor Vehicles 60 days prior to the expiration of the registration. 

The total amount due on the combined statement will be made payable to NCDMV. You will not be able to renew your vehicle's registration unless the total taxes and registration fees on the vehicle are paid at the same time.

The following motor vehicle categories are not taxed through the Tag and Tax Program :

  • vehicles exempt from registration by North Carolina law
  • manufactured homes 
  • mobile classrooms and offices
  • semi-trailers registered on a multi-year basis
  • motor vehicles owned or leased by public service companies
  • vehicles in confidential status

All registered motor vehicles are valued at retail value. Valuation appeals and supporting documentation must be postmarked or received within 30 days of the due date printed on the combined notice. 

If your address has changed since you registered your vehicle you can change your address by visiting your local license plate agency or by requesting a duplicate registration card online.

Delinquent Motor Vehicle Tax

If you are attempting to pay a delinquent vehicle tax bill, prior to 2014, contact the Tax Collections Office at 252.475.5952.

Pay By Mail

Make checks payable and mail to:
PO Box 538310
Atlanta, GA 30353-8310
For income tax and other records, please retain the upper portion of the bill and/or your canceled check. Due to the cost of postage, receipts will be mailed only if you send a self-addressed stamped envelope. Please retain your canceled check as proof of payment.

Pay Online - fee of 2.75% of payment applies

Pay In Person

You can pay your Dare County Tax Bill in person at the Dare County Tax Office (Room 166), located in the Justice Center at 962 Marshall C Collins Dr, Manteo NC. Payments made by debit cards, checks, and cash are accepted with no convenience fees. Payments made by Visa,  MasterCard, Discover, and American Express will be charged a credit card surcharge of 2% of the payment amount.

Lost or stolen plate form (pdf)