Initial Impact Fee

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All new customers who connect to our water system create an additional impact on the amount of water we must produce to maintain our current level of service to our present and new customers. 

The costs to increase our ability to produce and store this additional water are a direct result of the impact from new customers and therefore are to be paid by the new customers. These fees (not to be confused with a Special Water Line Assessment) are referred to as Initial Impact Fees and are established as follows:

  • Residential:

    3/4" unit or 3/4" initial impact unit $2,500.00
  • An "initial impact unit" shall equal one 3/4" initial impact fee charge computed as follows:
    • Single Family Residence: One 3/4" initial impact unit (herein after IIU)
    • Multi family: Condominiums, townhouses, cottage courts, apartments, duplexes, mobile homes and other types of multi family units are considered 1 IIU per habitable unit or $2,500 for each unit.
    • Hotels, Motels, Campgrounds, and Mobile Home Parks: One IIU, $2,500 for each four individual habitable units (rooms) or four individual campsites.
    • Larger size meter installations shall pay the increased IIU fees as follows: 
      1" $3,000.00
      1 1/2" $3,500.00
      2" $4,000.00
      3" $5,000.00
      4" $6,000.00
      6" $8,000.00

  • Commercial:

    3/4" unit or 3/4" initial impact unit $2,500.00

    • Laundries: 1 IIU for every five machines or portion thereof.
    • Restaurants: 1 IIU for every twenty seats or portion thereof. Example: 1" service - $3,000 / 20 = $150 / seat)
    • Car Wash: 1 IIU for every two stalls or portion thereof.

Impact Fees may be waived during "initial subscriber periods" for water system expansion projects as determined by the Board of Commissioners. Once the initial subscriber period has expired, if a customer elects to discontinue service or service is discontinued for non-payment then the customer would be required to pay the current impact fee for the parcel in addition to other applicable fees and past due charges to restore water service.