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Services Provided by the Dare County Water Department
Water Production
Water Distribution
Field Technicians

Water Production Services

Water production services oversees the production of safe, clean, and clear drinking water to our customers' taps 24 hours a day, every day.

  • Run water tests, not only for health and safety analysis, but also for the most efficient operation and minimum chemical treatments at all facilities.
  • Operate and maintain a state certified laboratory for bacteriological water analyses as well as to ascertain the level of constituents found dissolved in our well water and drinking water.
  • Investigate customer inquiries about their water quality and service concerns, with a follow-up of documented analyses and explanation.
  • Maintain and repair sophisticated and technically advanced computer and mechanical equipment.
  • Through extensive testing and monitoring of our ground water sources, we provide environmentally sound decisions on water pumpae to protect our ground water resource. We promote the proper training and career development of all of our personnel in maintaining the best qualified staff to provide safe drinking water.
  • We provide water quality analyses for all Dare County residents on our system.
  • Keep abreast of and comply with State and Federal regulations surrounding complex Drinking Water Standards.

Water Distribution Services

Water Distribution Services maintains the distribution system to ensure that the water is delivered to customers in a safe, uninterrupted manner.

  • Incorporate seasonal flushing of the system, thereby displacing any accumulation of sediment that may settle in the lines.
  • Work in a professional manner with engineers, private contractors, and State agencies to expand the distribution system and meet the water needs of new areas within Dare County.
  • Provide our customers with prompt and efficient service on a daily basis.
  • Routine maintenance on fire hydrants and valves ensures adequate fire protection flows and pressures when the various fire departments are called on to address emergencies.
  • Office staff provides service to customers that need to apply for water service, pay bills, inquire about bills and/or voice concerns about bills, leaks, or water quality and quantity.
  • Emergency service is provided 24 hours a day to maintain the best possible service to all customers.
  • Distribution personnel work closely with property owners in order to install the appropriate size meter requested at a designated location at the site of their home or business.
  • Provide continuing education for higher levels of knowledge for Water Distribution Operators through certification. The rewards of this training are invaluable to the safety and optimal performance of those distribution operators working for the betterment of services in the field.

Field Technicians

The Dare County Water Distribution department is broken down into two field crews:

  • Southern Crew: These employees are responsible for Avon, Buxton, Frisco, Hatteras, Rodanthe, Waves and Salvo.
  • Northern Crew: These employees are responsible for Manteo outside town limits, Wanchese, Stumpy Point, Colington, Kitty Hawk, Southern Shores, and Duck.