Rules and Regulations

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Revised 04/2019

The Dare County Game & Wildlife Commission may issue a license subject to the following requirements:

1. All devices for concealing a person(s) hunting migratory waterfowl shall be licensed in accord with these regulations.

2. Regardless of the other requirements set out herein; the Commission may deny any license in the interest of public safety.

3. It is understood by the licensee that the granting of a license is a privilege and not a vested property right.

4. A separate application is necessary for each license requested and that applicant must hold a current valid North Carolina hunting license.

5. Applicants must be sixteen (16) years to apply for a blind.

6. No person shall be entitled to license more than four (4) blind locations. No new licenses will be issued to any clubs, partnership or other entities.

7. A renewal license applied for shall be issued if the licensee had a structure on the licensed location last season.

8. New applications will not be considered prior to the first meeting in August or after November 1.

New applications must be submitted to the Dare County Game and Wildlife Office only.  Applications submitted to Board Members will not be considered.

9. All locations shall be constructed, constantly marked and numbered both visibly and identifiably by December 15.

10. All applications shall contain descriptions adequate to correctly identify the requested locations including GPS co-ordinates in degrees-minutes-thousands of minutes (example: 75* 21.768)

11. No new blind sites will be issued within 500 yards of an existing blind. Existing blind sites closer than 500 yards of another blind site will be grandfathered in as of 11/20/18 at the discretion of the board.

12. When hunting from a float blind, the same must be firmly anchored, decoys must be deployed and

cannot be located less than 500 yards from a previously established hunter.

13. All licensed sink/curtain box locations shall be visibly marked year round.