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  • What is beach nourishment?

  • How will beach nourishment affect my visit to the Outer Banks?

  • Why does dredging take place in the summer months?

  • How long will construction affect my property?

  • How can I get the most current information on where the sand pumping is taking place?

  • Will I be able to get to the beach while the project is underway?

  • Will they pump sand onto the beach in more than one place at a time?

  • Where will the sand come from?

  • Do they work certain days of the week or certain hours of the day?

  • Is construction noisy?

  • What kind of equipment will be used during the construction?

  • How is beach nourishment funded?

  • What will happen to the organisms, such as sand fleas, that live on the beach and in the surf zone?

  • Will physical dunes be built along the shoreline during construction of the Buxton beach nourishment project?